Thanks for the Good Times

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  1. Today I would like to announce that I am officially retiring from kingdoms at war. Yes. I know. I'm retiring my life from an online game that has no benefit on my life whatsoever. Yay. Good for you.

    I only announce this so that I can get attention of course. :p mostly because I don't feel like sending a bunch of individual pms.

    I have many people to thank for making this game great for me. I've really enjoyed my time here, and in 2 resets and a dropped build, I can finally say I almost got HLBC. :lol:

    First and foremost I'd like to thank my clan, iG. You've been my home, my family, my greatest friends, and a wonderful group of people. I will keep in contact with all of you as much as possible. Thank you for all the good times.

    To WDGAF/KOTFE: you're a good group of people, even though we were on separate sides, I respect those who fight a good fight. That you have.

    *disclaimer* you aren't the reason why I'm quitting but I love you still <3

    I have many people I consider friends on here so if I miss you I do apologize.

    Ashes, you've been an inspiration to me and a great friend. For that I forever appreciate you.

    Avatar, though we don't talk much anymore, you at one point were my closest internet friend. Thanks for always listening.

    Alucard, one of the best guys on kaw and is an amazing dude. A little bird told me a certain number 1 lb player cried some in his pm... ;)

    DDominatrix, you're the best! Thanks for being cool cool!

    Freyja, daddy will spank you still!

    Ephade, love you big dog.

    Life, you're the best, and you always keep doing what you're doing. No matter what.

    Leo, you da man my homie. Keep fighting for what iG can be again.

    SkinnyMinny and Roni, you guys are cool, I respect you and hope we can put our differences aside. You've been a great challenge and entertainment in forums. Hope you the best!

    Titan_God, keep your ideas fresh and keep helping the community. Thanks for being there bro! :)

    Kezzer, hope they recognize your talent and VK you my man. You're awesome!

    Sholron, love you babe.

    Vixen_of_the_Damned and Purge, *moonface*

    PurpleEylash, bye mom.

    And that's all, if I missed I'm sorry. Love you all unequally but still love you! Stay awesome kaw. :)


    Dr. Snoopy
  2. Thanks for the leaving
  3. I don't believe it...
  4. Dropped da build so...

  5. Have a good life ,and a productive life and well done for making the decision to turn your back on this game.

    All the best bbq. You'll always have the kaw parody
  6. I feel leavin too :) well beautiful gudbye to u enjoy ur life :)
  7. I must be great with always having the parody.. :lol:
  8. noooo don't go
  9. Eh, you'll probably be back to visit (I hope). Always been interesting reading your posts in forum.
  10. I hope to visit some also. Though not for awhile and not very long.
  11. Totally respect your decision Bro.. You are an inspiration to me as well!

    Best wishes on your future adventures and endeavours in RL.. May be I'll see you at the Grammy's or somewhere.. Hehe .. ๎–๎€‘๏ธ
  12. noooo alexander133
  13. Ok wait I'm confused
  14. Who kicked you out the most๎‚
  15. Wishing you happyness and all the best in real life.You will be missed by us all .You were the best of both worlds angel /demon.
  16. I'll be among those grave yard accounts soon bro