Thank you, Sean!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Choccy, May 24, 2016.

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  1. Thanks Sean it's always nice to have some positive energy every now and then! ๎€Ž
  2. Thank you Sean! And chocolate =)
  3. WTF? Sean??

  4. How is Chocolate not VK yet?
  5. New VKs haven't been selected or announced yet! Stay tuned, bound to happen sooner or later! :)
  6. Look, Chocolate Ima let you finish and Sean is cool and all BUT STALKER SENPAI, yo. He da bees knees.
  7. Threads like this is how he'll soon be vk
  8. Chocolates a positive influence. He's got my vote and many others. Choco is also a great person! ;)
  9. Lol funny
  10. Idk who you are but thanks man
  11. Hello there, Choccy!

    I just want to tell you that I am actually feeling lost, down with a heavy load of anxiety. After re-reading this message, I could feel a glimpse of my memory two years ago when I was in my prime. Although I could no longer remember the details of whose lives have I impacted, or almost even my good deeds, re-reading this thread that I'm about to necrobump has given me a feeling of being at home with the Kaw community again.

    When you actually posted that thread to me, I actually feel like I didn't really need something like this in return, for that was the time where I had so much mental energy back then and was on my full level of cheerfulness. My full potential was there too, and I was fully on my emotional self in 2016-2017.

    Today, as of 2nd September 2018 I actually needed to read this thank you thread. I am not sure if you still mean it today, but...

    Thank you for accepting me for who I am
    Choccy. It just gives me one more reason to consciously decide my world of life is not over!

    You can lock this thread now. This thank you thread, that you made will be forever etched in my heart! From this day until my last day!

    I'm ready to be cheerful again! And rebuild up my mental energy write good wishes of messages to 100 unique players's walls in Kingdoms At War again!
  12. Sigh. I really want whatever Sean is on. :lol:
  13. Hello there, Venom! Welcome to Choccy's thank you thread to me!

    I don't do much in Kingdoms At War anymore. In fact, I did nothing for 6 months. Things have been turning in my life quite badly! But look at that! How awesome it is to read such a thread that actually is worth a letter from a best friend that one can never forget?
  14. Hello there, Sean! That's a very cool story!
    Tell me more!
  15. Let the haters hate Sean, you keep up the good fight man. All the ugliness being spewed from certain players will eventually be their own demise. You are a ray of hope in a world that is cold and cruel and when the changing comes you will be sitting high while the filth is being washed away. Be blessed Sean.
  16. What have Sean done?is this another one of those friends supporting friends for there imaginary help to the kawmunity???
  17. What have you done other then make alts and give people a headache? Your better off quitting KaW.
  18. Locking this thread now! :)
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