tell me

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  1. I've an event try pin goo
  2. Was worth playing once
  3. Please condense these bumps and spam posts to one useless post please.

    If you don't like it so much, quit. End of story. No need to have a drama queen moment here.
  4. Also why are defenders too week that ******** j in forum ? Cos too scared do post with Alf
  5. This
  6. This is a game say what u like hit or not you won't die it's a game get real

  7. And this
  8. Ur grammar is real bad kid come on git real or hush but either way get real.
  9. Zet no one cares about ur noob opinion hit me I show actions ur a noob alt that likes to stand and be proud but can't do anything
  10. Truth is put mouth to test
  11. Lmao was about hit your clan then seen your clan  why am I even talking to you  sweet dreams wannabe
  12. I think it's trying to speak.
  13. Because old friend this ain't the same game we were playing 4 to 5 years ago it's evolved. Personally I think for the worst but hey you gotta roll with it or retire I guess