TeaTime with Zeth

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  1. Directions to the door.
  2. savage
  3. Life's rough in the sig bity.
  4. lol I love this picture
  5. i might as well kick you from that clan while we're there
  6. Thorry.
  7. I can taste the salt
  8. So can cartman

  9. You're feeling South Park-y tonight aren't you?
  10. Why no Cas up on the board Zeth? I'm nearing the border of the edge of popularity here.
  11. I finished the holy interview of AshesOfEden, clicked post...

    And KaW decided to crap out on me.

    My butthurt is real.
  12. That's why I always copy long posts before hitting submit.
  13. I should know better. It's happened before, and with work stuff even. I guess old dogs can't learn new tricks.
  14. Disclaimer: ZETH took me to Gitmo bay and waterboarded me before my interview so I don't remember much of what I said.. I did get an orange jumpsuit as a souvenir so like that was nice..
  15. In typical big budget superhero fashion, here's a small taste of what's coming in the next revival to quench your thirst.

    Spoiler alert: It's Ashes.
  16. Gonna necrobump this to stroke my ego and debate firing it up again.
  17. bring it back.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.