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  1. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. This is catching on. 5 people
    In line. Dang.
  3. Oh god…

    I knew I shouldn't have mentioned that damned Moose.
  4. me next :lol: :D
  5. Sure. I have a couple others in line, but i will
  6. Zeth I guess your his enemy too? He just walked out on you man... Dam lol
  7. Bahahah!! Hilarious, love these posts. Keep them coming, Zeth!
  8. Zeph... you have biscuits?

  9. I opened my eyes, and the first thing i saw was a piece of bacon. Thick cut, extra crispy.
    "The hell?" I asked. I stood up, and realized my office was surrounded with bacon.
    I thought back, trying to remember what happened.

    I walked into the room. Can anybody EVER leave my food cart alone? Armfuls of bacon. And i mean ARMFULS. She walked over, with Mount Bacon in her hands.
    I sat and looked at the File. Nothing. The file had absolutely god damned nothing, but a strip of bacon.
    "Dammit Steven!" I yelled to the Ceiling.
    "Umm..." She begins. "Hi?"
    "Oh." I say. "Hi."
    "Ready?" She asks.
    "Yup." I say. "So let's start with the question i ask everyone. What do you think of KaW?"
    "I like it. The player base could be better, and i had a hard time in the beggining."
    "Hmm." I say, scribbling a picture of an elk.
    "How do you feel about slayerbob?" I ask.
    "He's a good guy." She says, her eyes kinda dreamy. "He's my favorite mod."
    "Kay..." I say, having a hard time drawing the antlers on the Elk.
    "Coke, or Pepsi?" I ask.
    "Neither." She says. "I hate 'em."
    I sit down the pad, as the picture is impossible. It looks rather like a reeses monkey, wearing a powdered wig.
    I begin pulling on a thread on my pants.
    "So, if you eat bacon, is it technically cannibalism?" I ask.
    "Yes. But i don't care." She laughs, a proud baconeer.
    "Indeed..." I feel my chin, in an attempt to feel esteemed, and realize i need to shave.
    "So, anything else?" She asks.
    "Uh, i don't think so." I say. Then it all goes bad.
    I accidently pull the thread too hard, and my pants unravel. What an excellent day to wear Pink underwear, no?
    She squeals, i squeal, and then an armload of bacon hits me in the face.

    So that's how. Well, i have had worse happen. I look down at the Pink Speedo.
    "Ahhh, ****." I say.

    Princess Bacon is part of a Cannibalistic side of KaW. The Porky side.
    The breakfasty side. Truly.

  10. Dark haven is next. I have to go to work.
  11. :lol: thanks zeth :) love it
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