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  1. Lost_Young_-Khalifa_-Prophet. I look at him as I enter the room.
    I look at my Folder, containing the basic information i must know.
    An Illinois native, and a Lover of Red Meat. He prefers his meat medium rare, his energy drink monster, and his noobs, farmed.
    My kind of guy. I smile as i sit down across from him. He is chewing on a crumpet, and I gesture to them.
    "Good?" I ask.
    "Mmmf...ver gard...urmp." Comes the muffled reply. He is stuffed to the gills with the things.
    "What was that?" I ask.
    "Very good." He says, swallowing the half chewed mass. I cringe and continue with y interview.
    "Ask him if he enjoy's KaW." Comes the voice from my Earpiece. I do so.
    "Do you enjoy KaW, and if so, what do you think of it, the players, the epic battles, wars, noobs..." I gesture for him to begin answering.
    "I like it." He says. "The players are cool, and EB's are alright, i guess. Wars are..."
    I cut him off. "Who do you admire most in KaW?"
    "Umm... I guess SlikkSlakka." He replies, albeit hesitantly.
    "Hmm." I say, writing on my tablet. He assumes it is important stuff. Really, i am drawing a Spragga, with the Head of Moose.
    "Ask him if he likes Chick..." The voice begins. I rip out the earpiece, and throw it on the ground.
    "SHUT UP!" I yell.
    Khalifa is obviously alarmed.
    "It's alright." I say, sitting again. I take a red
    Bull from the table next to me. I pop the top, and swig it. For some reason i am perspiring like crazy.
    "Do... Do you like Red Bull?" I ask.
    "No." He states flatly. "I prefer Monster."
    "Do you admire anybody in KaW?" I ask.
    "Yes, but you already asked that." He says.
    "Oh." I say. "Okay... So... What do you think of Cella?"
    He puffs put his chest. "She can do, or own, whatever she wants. My life's goal is to dethrone her, and have her live in my shadow." He replies Haughtily.
    "Yeah, well... Good luck with that." I say. For some reason my tuxedo is becoming ruffled, and this annoys me greatly.
    "Why is the Earth Round?" I ask.
    "Because... God made it this way." He says.
    Finally, i cant stand it anymore. I rip open my Tuxedo, revealing a Zeth tattoo, and Heart Undies.
    He pales, then turns red, and stands to walk out.
    "Wait." I begin, but trip on my pants, and slam my nose into the floor. I see him walking away. I also see him grab a bunch of food and stuff it in his pockets. This ticks me off. And then i black out.

    When i awake, i sit in my chair, thinking about it.
    To me, he represents the New Generation of KaWers. A new age. I sit the recorder on my knee, and look out my window. I mumble something about the future, and them rub my broken nose.

    Wall me if you want an interview.
    Interview 1- Pg 1
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  2. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: love this zeth! Thanks!!!
  3. Spragga with the head of moose
  4. Most admired Thanks Khalifa. 
  5. Thats what i do. Bring people together.
  6. I prefer my red bull with vodka
  7. More Coming Soon!
    Upcoming Interviews include:
    Princess Bacon
    Dark Haven,
    And more!
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  9. I find it interesting....ripping open your tuxedo and revealing something I would never show.....
  10. Hi. Welcome to
    TeaTime with Zeth. I am Zeth. You are not. Now enjoy.
  11. Adding,


  12. Salt-n-Pepper. A real salty character. A known farmer, with a taste for all things salty. And peppery.
    As i walked in, i realized yet another person was ravaging my food cart.
    "Ahem." I cleared my throat. He sat down the salt shaker, and walked over with a cake in his hand, thoroughly salted.
    "Yep?" He asked, sitting down.
    "Are you ready?" I asked. I had left my earpiece this time, and steven was up in the control room, fuming.
    "Sure." He said.
    "So what do YOU think of KaW?" I asked, absentmindedly running my armchair.
    "Eh, good game. Could use some more people to talk to." He replied, licking the cake.
    "Hmm." I cringed at the gluttony taking place before my eyes.
    "What about moose?" I asked. "What do you think of him?"
    "Well... Umm..." His ryes darted nervously about the room. "I guess he's a great guy, i mean... MOOSE PLEASE DON't BAN ME AGAIN!!" He yelled to the ceiling.
    "Easy!" I said, calming him. Once he sat down, i resumed.
    "Do you think Moose is really an elk?" I asked.
    "Yep." He chuckled. "He just had his operation yesterday." He then looked rather afraid.
    "Who do you admire most in KaW?" I asked.
    "My friend Sky." He replied without hesitation.
    "What does the Fox say?" I ask.
    "**** you." He chuckles lightly.
    I continued rubbing the chair absent mindedly.
    "I hear you are a Vegetarian?" I ask.
    "Oh yes." He replies. "It is a life choice, and i only eat pure white tofu, and.... Are you sleeping?"
    "Wha... No!" I say, jerking awake.
    "Hmmph." He says.
    "Well, i guess that will be about it?" I say, eager to get to me Pilates class.
    "Sure." He says, standing up to shake my hand.
    I become aware of the hairs standing up on t arm right before i touch his hand.
    Then electricity travels up my legs, through my body, down my arm, making me tingle in places i didn't know could tingle.
    The blast blows him across the room, leaving my untouched. He lands hard in the Glass Coffee table, shattering my chess set to bits.
    "No!" I yell, running toward him, "Are you all right?"
    "Yeah..." He says, struggling to his feet. I shove him aside, and pick up my Pawn.
    "Oh, my poor baby." I say. Then i look at Salt.
    "Oh, thanks a lot." He says, then before i can even say a word, blinding flash of brown runs past me and slams him through the wall. Then the next one. And the next one. And the next one.
    I look down and see a hoofprint, of a male moose.
    "Things just get curiouser, and curiouser." I say. I walk toward the elevator, and get in, headed toward my car.

    To me, Salt reminds me of the saltier side of KaW. The raw, unfiltered side. The side with Mooseophobia.

    He is a new breed.
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