TDS-Mercs for Hire

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  1. TDS - Mercs for Hire

    **Please contact Bad-Advice with questions or complaints**

    The Devils Syndicate is a personal merc clan, providing farming, OSW, and strip help for charms and rewards.

    TDS is a group of old school players, wanting to put back the W in KaW. We will farm individuals, clans, carry out strips for our clients, as well as provide protection and information gathering and tracking. We are a network of players, a tight knit group that will fulfill all promises made in our contracts.

    TDS will not disclose our clients under any circumstances. Any deals we make will be kept a secret, meaning you can finally enact revenge on that WC troll or the clan that pissed you off. We will also not accept contracts that create a conflict of interest or that spread us too thin. When you enter a contact with TDS, our target will be a priority.

    We will use xtals, carry out mini-strips and pot burn at our own discretion. If you have any requests, do not hesitate to ask!

    Currently, we offer the following, as well as custom contracts. All rates are per 24 hours, unless stated otherwise, and all payments are to be made to the TDS bank, upfront:

    -Farming (individual): TDS will farm any individual you ask, and make them absolutely miserable for the duration of our contract. This will include keeping them pinned, carrying out small strips and keeping them unable to participate in EBs or PvP.
    Price: 75m/first 24h, 50m every 24h after
    -Farming (clan): TDS will farm most clans. We reserve the right to say no and act in our own best interest. However, there are very few clans on our no hit list, so this should not be an issue. We will target all key members of clan, as well as normal members in order to weaken a clan. This will include small strips on admins and pinning members.
    Price: 500m/first 24h, 400m every 24h after
    -Strip Help: TDS will run bars on your target for the duration of the strip.
    -Strips: TDS will perform a strip on a specific target. You simply tell us how much and how many bars you want ran, and we do the rest, including tracking.
    Price: Varies, contact an admin

    TDS members come from many backgrounds, and are spread throughout time zones. All members are trusted friends and have experience in OSW. We do not care about inc, being stripped, or others affairs. We will be sure to satisfy clients conditions, so long as payment is made.

    What we will NOT do:

    We will not fight OSWs as part of either side. We will attack specific targets in clans but not whole clans involved in OSW.

    We will not hit friends and allies, under any circumstance.

    And we will never disclose a client, accept a CF from a target, or hit a client unless instructed to do so.

    TDS is ready to bring Hell to kaw, but it comes at a price. If you are willing to pay, Hell can be for anyone you choose.
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  3. Like the sound of this, didn't Swabia do a similar thing with ad mortem?

    Support 
  4. Not sure but I'm certainly looking forward to it.

    Nice job guys
  5. Can I pay you guys to farm yourselves?
  6. Sure! :)
  7. I like this idea. Hope it goes well support
  8. Great idea! I support this. Good luck guys 
  9. What is your plan after you get farmed for months after this childish cowardly display of united ignorance gets noticed by major osw lords/leaders?
  10. Could you please clarify? We are working on contract, if you'd like we can discuss this in PM :) But please keep complaints off thread
  11. Simple question really... No complaints lol feel like answering my question??
  12. Well as a hit member, this clan needs to work out kinks. Like ppl are payi,g you in charms forfailed scout bombs. People do you really wanna toss charms so they scout bomb? And not only,that! They let,me go to a job and was told by the person who hired them to get off their asses. Not sure why anyone would want to,hire these guys 
  13. Btw your pricing is off, you charge extra for second day for indi, less for clan. You are jipping yourselves. Rethink that! And fyi you,didnt bother me, I did what I wanted anyway
  14. Ohhh and the missing emojis were 2 thumbs down.
  15. Our first target!

    First, our pricing is correct, please reread.

    Second, you have 38 actions in your last 2 EBs and had to hide your allies! You have been pinned since your contract started. Also, we made you mad enough to try to derail our thread. It means a lot :)

    Finally, we will not disclose clients, no matter how much you ask in PM.

    Any questions or concerns, feel free to PM me! Otherwise, please stay off thread, I do not want it derailed.

  16. Get em ‍♂️
  17. Bump to the top - 5 Very succesful contracts so far :)
  18. You and what army? Little eb fairies?
  19. Please do look at our EB history :)