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  1. Up the Tarot card drop rate. My last post was “low effort” because short and sweet is not good so I’ll take up more y’alls time with a story of my Tarot card search.

    I’ll tell you a story of my quest. I’ve hit regular to diabolical and all in between and have gotten literally 4 Tarot’s for the month this EB has been out. I have used cards from last year(another great way ATA uses the same ebs a year later!). Up the card drop it’s absurd you can literally hit Diabolical all day and not get one. I’ve done it. You can hit Crushing all day and not get a card. It’s ridiculous up the drop rate. Here’s a post with the exact same point in 200 extra words of nonsense filler. UP THE DROP RATE OF TAROT CARDS.
  2. great read 
  3. Also would help if they were tradable.
  4. TLDR: up tarot card drop rate lol
  5. Omg, that’s gold . Support
  6. I’ve brought this to their attention, they’ve ignored it. But I support this thread, the drop rate is horrible. We have done so many of these epic battles and hardly and tarot card drops.
  7. UPDATE I got a tarot drop only after 60 EBs
  8. Looks like you got your wish :) check Winston's latest thread out.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.