Tarot Card Drop Rate

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [ATA]Winston, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. As per the title, the drop rate of all tarot cards on all levels of the Lycoan EB have been adjusted. Lucky for all you amazing people, they've been increased! The drop rate is still quite a bit higher for the diabolical and murderous levels of the EB. Happy hunting!
  2. Thanks Winston :)
    Appreciate you read what ppl write in forums and try to solve problems!
    Will both type of eb be available after this event?
  3. I hope they close the two new ebs, they're not as great as others and just make everything more confusing
  4. Same
  5. No they won’t be available untill next October/November. Given they are Halloween themed events they don’t make sense the rest of the year. Just going by history here.
  6. Thanks Winston
  7. Thank you Winston and ATA
  8. They will be turned off after the event
  9. AKA spend real $ for better better drop rates.
  10. The tarot cards must just hate me, I see no discernible increase in the drop rate...hope others are having better luck!
  11. Winston checks in
  12. Can you show the cards that drop in epic battle history. It’s hard to tell how many cards drop per eb as you have it currently set up.....although perhaps you think that this is a feature not a bug.