tank builds

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by TheSilentBeauty, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Hey guys I am a newish player and I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I feel like my plunder should be higher for my stats but I’m also pure attack (a tank). Does this mean my plunder will never be as high because I don’t have any spies?
  2. You're not a tank, you are reverse ps.
  3. You need more in allies, about 25bil worth
  4. You are an OSF open spy farm 100% attack build. That build first of all makes most gold from skimming an Epic Battle. Make sure you are at max plunder first.

    I would recommend building spy buildings as you are open to steals,Far to easy to be assassinated aswell. Thats an old build thats not really useful in kaw.

    If you need more advise please feel free to pm me so I can explain the mechanics better.
  5. Max plunder is key - when you hit an eb you get 2 amounts of gold - one from your stats and bonus from allies. The bonus grows with you based on the value of allies you own. That’s the pure gold cost of the ally, nothing to do with their stats. Anyway the bonus tops out at around 25b in ally value - with that in allies you’ll always be at max plunder. As you grow a rule of thumb is 5500 x CS = value in allies needed to be at Max Plunder. Accounts grow so fast now that should probably go for 25b in allies ASAP. Hope not too rambling, enjoy KAW.