take a minute to reminisce.

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by SkinnyMinny, Apr 7, 2016.

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  2. Nice thread.
  3. It's really not, skinny just likes to reminisce of when it's build was relevant
  4. You're just trying to hard now onesy, with your little mid sized build. I know you wouldnt remember many old players since you haven't been playing that long.
  5. I know none of these sooooooooooooooo yeh cool story
  6. how is he mid-sized?
  7. Meh. Who is OP again?
  8. Combined stats go past 500mil.
  9. He's not even mid size. He's not half of 500mcs xD
  10. I personally remember some of these people. So I like the thread.
  11. Idk any of these ppl . Sometimes it looks like the golden days of kaw were gone before I even downloaded the app
  12. Mhmm
  13. Oh you've miss d some exciting times.
  14. Dante of Regulators & 46 & 2 and Rock0 and whiteDragon .lol i didnt know whitedragon still plays.i just looked up rock0's account and whitedragon still owns him.
  15. What a pointless thread. I don't know if your trying to look like some kind of vet or what but man this is not worth my life to read.

  16. Going by the "you have to be 250mcs" to be a mid... Less than .5% of kaw is mid or higher


    Anyone my size to around his is mid
  17. But worth your time to post. Moron
  18. Anubis if you knew your kaw history you being a 5 year old account.You would know who skinnyMinny origionally was and how Legandary they truelly are and a kaw veteran .And its a good thread to have in the kaw archives because these people were the heart of Kaw.Making all the storylines and drama and made it fun to be on kaw.They kept us coming back everyday. We learned from them ,and love them or hate them .Those who really got to know them wont forget them .
  19. Holy cow...

    I remember most of them....

    I'm old
  20. Nostalgia is why many older players keep playing. Looking back and loling at previous experiences form the basis of many a conversation.
    For me is was the social aspect we enjoyed in one of my first clans, MysticEclipse. We weren't into osw at all but had many friends in most osw clans so it was a good time out place for them.
    Then there was the camaraderie we had in Solace, although me, Lee and Goo being told off for our antics was always funny.
    Great times but unfortunately the game has become too serious and money orientated for newer players to experience stuff like that.
    Good thought provoking thread :)