T7 Upgrades, EB Payout Changes, and a Weekend Promo!

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  1. I'm just waiting for Rising_Star to post about waiting for me to post..

    I guess the wait is over for both of us...

    Here it comes:

    Upgrades? Oh not.. I CAN'T CONTINUE AS FREE TO PLAY!! I did enjoy those few months of not having to spend a cent on KaW...


    <Whining and continuous crying walling in the distance>

    Damn.. I'm already spending money somewhere else... Town Clan lvl 8, anyone? Lol
  2. It's really never going to help the smaller or even bigger players until the cost of upgrades are decreased and horns or seals dropout often... Tha KS almost 5 years and feel like I'm on a merry go round
  3. Hahahahahahahahahahaha
  4. TH 10 here, and the walls are way cheaper than these Trillions for an upgrade in kaw 
  5. Support to the posts from rusted, IMF, frog, Steve and all others pointing out why devs are doing ****.


    Not changing PvP.


    Going to wonder why more and more people quit.

  6. TH 9 here. Upgraded WAY too early though, getting smashed atm until I upgrade troops and defense. Keeping my TH outside my walls for those trophy hunters though, giving me a free shield everyday.
  7. Main is top 1500 and still 18t from build complete. So another 60t on top of that.... You can jam your nob and crystal packs where the sun doesn't shine. May spend $6 here or there but no longer blowing $100's a weekend to restock accounts.

    As for chat app... This game is no longer that for most clans. 80% of clans I hop around in are dead quiet for hours on end.

    So,,. Not a game,; not a chat app? What is this?
  8. Agree to the boycott of upgrades. This is getting crazy. Hey devs just keep making lands till redstar is out of money and gold and can't lc see how much fun and how few ppl will still be playing. Keep killing the game. If you want to end the games run just end it. Not this slow death that u guys are doing.
  9. I should add I've been playing 4-5 years (can't remember how long now - long enough before hl were introduced, never mind all the other new lands). I'm also currently lcbc. I don't see these new tiers as an incentive to keep me playing - far from it.

    The game is miles away from being ready for these tiers.

    I've said my piece. I'm happy to boycott it if all other osw clans do. If not, well it's Hobson's choice!
  10. We support as well.

  11. How long would it take to raise over 70 trillion by doing normal haunting and no xstals (ally trading cannot help anymore...)? I would imagine about as long as this game has been in existence. 
  12. Ally trading would not help at all. Last round of lands/buildings caused all my allies to quit the game completely.
  13. Only way to fix this is by lowering the cost of buildings by alot or raising payouts on ebs by alot or else kaw is going to die real quick :) but ofc why would ata care about costumers statisfaction they never do.
  14. Give me a break this is getting so stupid....your bread and butter is complaining ATA you should listen up.

    Instead of whining about new upgrades we should all just not buy them. How about that ATA!! All players who were BC as of 1 hour ago should just ignore them and keep buying allies. Would you get the picture now.

    You said in your post that BC player will have something to build towards...I am BC and working towards allies.... Did you bother asking the BC players what they wanted?

    Everytime you pre maturely release new lands or tiers you push your spending customers to wonder if it's worth playing or not anymore.
  15. Sorry, as an "older player", I completely disagree with the logic of "buildings/upgrades have to happen so bigger/older players don't get bored. Really?

    Continuously adding buildings doesn't entertain the LB or "bigger players" any more than usual. They have the gold. They spend it, they upgrade, they continue. If they didn't, they would build their BFA to ungodly heights. Either way, it's a goal and they're still in that very large gap between "small, middle, HUGE". Those that spent thousands upon thousands of dollars won't leave just because they don't come out with monthly new builds.

    They WILL, however, leave if the game gets so ridiculously impossible to catch up in that it's no longer even a game. Complete boredom. I don't even log on anymore. Maybe once a week. What's the point? I'm not interested in growing, I don't want to spend 4 hours of my life to war (used to give a solid 48 hours straight back in the day). It's lost its luster, and it happened way before this update.

    The game completely caters to the UPPER END accounts, and now the newer accounts with all of these advantages we never got as new players. The middle player is useless. I'm a middle player (not even middle anymore, really... bordering on small), and I've been playing for 5 years. Don't tell me it's not about money. It's 100% about money. If it wasn't, I'd be a big player due to time spent on the game, and the high spenders would just be people using their funds to reach the goals faster. The goals have become unreachable, no matter how much time you've spent, without using real money.

    Actual CC conversation, first one in a week:
    "What'd I miss?"
    "new building upgrades out for abyss lands Jayde"
    "More money for ATA! So nothing new really then?"
    "lol jayde, nothing really new is true"

    But hey, they're a business. They always have been. It must work, or they would slow their roll on all of these releases. I don't fault ATA for trying to make money. I definitely don't fault all of the old school players who have left due to outright boredom (which again has nothing to do with building/upgrade releases). But call a spade a spade. A very rich spade. Probably driving BMWs with the top down.

    KaW is a different game. It happens. I wish everyone luck who still plays.
  16. Can we lower Abyss upgrades in half?
  17. I'm not one who usually comments on threads. I started this game a long time ago and play it for enjoyment and being able to chat with friends that I have made along the way. But devs wake up, people still like to compete and grow without taking 2 weeks for an upgrade. In my opinion these upgrades have come 8 months too early. I for one will probably retire due to the almost impossibility of reaching this level
  18. I can sense kaw heading towards a road to destruction....
  19. I can sense devs don't care they have other apps they can milk