T7 Upgrades, EB Payout Changes, and a Weekend Promo!

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  1. Lets be real here for a second. Yes, these new upgrades are dumb. Yes, the devs have a brain that is the size of an ant. But yet we all keep spending and playing, because we have nothing better to do when we are bored. What will we do when we can't log in to kaw anymore when we are bored? Pick our nose? Scratch our backs? Because of this the devs do not give a damn about all justified hate on this thread, they know we will keep playing and spending. They haven't gotten a single penny from me yet, and they never will though.
  2. hmm...I like it. The buildings looks pretty good too. :D
  3. I know players that never went past hl and still play daily....build complete is when you decide to stop growing...this is a chat game with an attack option, that's how this game started.now we can war,osw, hit players or ebs.growing is great, stay active and you will grow, unless a complete idiot
  4. I love all the crybabies here... If you don't like it then delete your account and game and stop playing it's that simple... You don't have to play, nobody is making you
  5. You can't blame the LB accounts, although I'm sure their influence is felt by the devs. I'm pretty sure the world of kaw is not unlike our real world economy where the small percentage of those on top, control the majority of the wealth. Every 'other' game has had its elite players. You'd usually see them listlessly standing around in some public place showing off new equipment...new hair..etc, never doing anything risky, which could potentially jeopardize their status. All games had them, have them, and need them. Unfortunately, in kaw, we don't live in a world balanced with subscription money. The more you pay, the bigger you can be. And people pay. Good for them. But the big problem now is the gap between top and bottom. Technically, there is a max stat limit, but it's attainable only by a few. The good thing about max stats is that after everyone is maxed, the game becomes more about skill and strategy, not just crushing an opponent a fifth your size.
    This isn't a complaint, more of an observation by someone who's played and seen the demise of many an online game.
  6. Kaw should just reset everyone's acct, then it will be even....take ebs away for a year too....don't reset price, just stats,equipment, banners,and gold.then it will be even right?
  7. So basicly you're saying, that you won't increase The payout of HTE And Rotwb, therefore false advertising 3x the payout of normal haunts which now pays 50% more making hte 2x, giving any person who buys a seal after the event, the right to request a refund after they buy a seal...Due to False advertising a product?
  8. This game is full time waste. I use to play with few alts and spoiled lots of $$. And many years. Over 5 year of game now. But after year 3 I was trying to get out of this. Happily I no more care of Kaw and life is lot happier. I enjoy many other game, play them and delete. Then Family time, camping, fishing.
    When I was in game doing 20-22 unload on each account every day. Life was getting screwed. Problem in family, friend and work. Developer got no respect for players that after spending 6-8 month and couple of hundred $, game should max and let people enjoy it warring. But this game looks like for generation and cost like new car EMI if u want to be in top 25%.
    When I was into game, and saw people in LB quitting by resetting there account ,I use to think WHY ??? But I bet they are even happier now.
    All the best to everyone.

  9. Come on mate , sometime I felt that half of LB is Thinking ape employees who need to spend nothing on seal and crystals. and they there to k eep us all in competition
  10. Hahaha I see the ata Gestapo patrol got rid of all the informative posts from last night. Can't let anyone get a sniff of the truth.
  11. Sooooo.. It sounds like NA spent $50,000 on xtals, nobs, seals, etc against accounts that they allegedly KNEW were botting, and then after action was taken against said accounts requested a refund. Yet still expected to keep all those stripped allies, nobs, xtals, gold, seals, etc, which is how Apple refunds work. Yeah, not fraud at all. :roll:

    Why would you spend that much money, let alone any money at all, trying to fight accounts you knew were cheating? Unless of course you expected to get a refund all along.
  12. You've killed what once was an enjoyable game!!! Now its FK'ed
  13. Support
  14. Lame with no substance offered.
    Explain at least thx
  15. A lot of people have called for reducing the prices of the HF n T6s, they aren't to problem. The problem is the inordinate cost of the abyss n T7s! With this inflation, it's hard to imagine what the next set of lands n T8s will be. The extreme jump from the AFF to the ASoF is also unsettling..."it was designed to be hard"...why? There's a lot of dissatisfaction being expressed, I hope the devs listen.
  16. I once drank an entire bottle of soy sauce on a dare, which I thought was all well and good... until I developed extreme dehydration and Hypernatremia. They had to put an iv directly into my veins to rehydrate me. It was the closest I've ever been to dying. What I'm getting at is, even that was not nearly as salty as you are right now.

    I'm on a copypasta kick currently
  17. A lot of EB only ppl want price cuts u mean.
    Ppl chasing BC only with no purpose of warring their kingdom r not looking out for everyone.


    Drop build for cheezy EE warring.
    New releases r not your concern since u chose to avoid growth.
  18. Wow,a whole bottle of soy sauce!! Wtf! Think ill leave it there. You MORON lol
  19. How about stay on topic if u can grasp that concept. Name calling is for the low lifes.

    Anyone input whats needed for EE War since new ug's r released? Thx
  20. I'm gonna guesstimate all abyss towered or hella huge Hansels. Anything else will be obsolete.