T4 vs T3

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  1. Well, I've noticed when selling a T3 for a lvl 1 T4 makes be lose plunder. Why? And how can I get more plunder with T4
  2. Upgrade it..?
  3. Because the T3 has More troops and better stats at the highest upgraded level than T4 does. You upgrade them to get better
  4. I make crystals with my T5s
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  6. It depends what you want... To have a shortage of money for the time it takes to convert or keep t3.
  7. You could use miss melons threads for questions next time
  8. Lvl3 T1 is better than lvl1 T2.
    Lvl3 T2 is better than lvl1 T3
    Lvl3 T3 is better than lvl1 T4
    But after you upgrade, at least once, the higher tier earns the better plunder.
  9. Stat wise, a level 1 T4 beats a level 3 T3. Plunder wise, a level 3 T3 beats a level 1 T4.
  10. A t4lv1 will earn better plunder than t3lv3 when hitting PvP ( like an osf ) and on some ebs. While most ebs give better plunder when at t3lv3 compared to t4lv1. This is because although the t4lv1 is able to generate more plunder the increase it has in strength will offset the minor plunder increase
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  12. It's a simple rule, your loss, T4 is better, no doubt
  13. For me it raised 1mil