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  1. Warlor used adt before worms
  2. Nah that didn't, I remember the first ADT tank being used in ee.
  3. Warlor wasn't even a thing back in pre season they where 2 separate clans we where lllllDeathmatchlllll
  4. Warlor have been warring since ee came out.

    Maybe s1
  5. I would say you taste better but that's a under statement
  6. You fail to realise that he's pointing out worms used it before s1.
  7. Get ur crap right kilo why dont u state the build u r reffering to.
  8. You fail to realise I don't care.
  9. Also dont be a forum warrior you have something to say have the balls to say it to me. I dont check forums unless asked to do so.
  10. Is the build the adtless hybrid?
  11. Well it clearly says hyb, so I think you know what build he's talking about but it doesn't matter, nobody cares about EE anymore and back when EE was in its prime you were a sub par wc. That's all.
  13. Me and val of worms tested and used the first adt tanks.
  14. You mean after your clan got "steam rolled" every war so you often warred with us. Just had to quote Val on that steam roll thing.
  15. Actually val constantly tried to recruit me to worms lol and steam rolled sure if u say so.
  16. I didn't say so, he did. Right there on page 1.
  17. I just agree
  18. Seriously kilo ?
  19. Syl had a lot of gold, could go any build needed, people didn't realise the power of ADT 
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.