Swindler God

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  1. Good news everyone!
    I am the greatest PvP stealy person in Kaw history.

    I have achieved this level of enlightenment by not conforming and hence so making many enemies. I am truely gifted in the art of irritation and triggering that getting my swindler badge was easy with the amount of rage induced targets.

    Not only have I managed to reach this level of godliness with only a 2 year badge but I did it without crying to a alliance for protection. Everyone knows PvP is easy when you've got the backing of hundreds of other players to step in when you get overwhelmed but NAY, NOT I, I am overwhelm proof, I handle my own because I am the Alpha and the Omega.

    "Typhoid, no 1 currr" I hear you say, Yet I know this to be untrue. You wear this phrase as a mask because in reality you are just so in awe of my divinity yet scared to admit to your peers my excellence.

    SWINDLER GOD, OUT *Mic Drop*
  2. Ah the confirmation of my superiority that one must use an alt to speak to me. FEAR THY GOD.
  3. 💙💙
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  5. Brag your showcase too from farm charms typ😆 not just the swindler badge you got from your no spies alt
  6. It is ok to be jealous of me little one, I am the greatest in kaw history after all.
  7. Probably one of the few that doesn't bot. It's ok to feel inferior to my godliness, it is to be expected.
  8. Numerous alts againts tou to feed your main cheater and here you are bragging your badge from cheats
  9. What I appreciate is your modesty about it.. 😜
  10. Perhaps I should upload the screen shot of the devs telling me they know I don't cheat and that I'm not the type of person too. Hehe.
  11. Thank you, I try to stay humble. ~ bows ~
  12. They dont follow their own rules ,example is you.
  13. My little friend it's ok to be jealous. I am kaws greatest.