Swan Song; My Final Goodbye, and the tears I shed

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by *Ahdragos (01), Oct 3, 2011.

  1. nooooooooooo!!! :'(

    how can this be? KaW has already lost a TON of epic people, how many more can KaW survive losing?

    I shall miss your epicness. I am honored that you friended me. So long, Ahdragos.

    (come back soon, 'k?)
  2. So who's going to cause trouble now?

  3. Goodbye and goodlck
    kaw admin can u post in my final goodbye Thread too?!
  4. Goodbye ahdragos, good luck, and live your life to the full.
  5. Goodbye Dragos, I will miss our debates - pointless as they were - they were at least well punctuated. Ryo
  6. Good luck in real world
  7. Goodbye Cuddle Monster :oops: ..I never read forums..but I recalled people saying you wrote your goodbye's here...good and bad...whatever...Good Luck...and Good Bye