Swan Song; My Final Goodbye, and the tears I shed

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  1. Ahdragos, you are really a character. I see that you have made your unerasable mark on Kingdoms at War. I mean cmon. Even admin said something lol. I can say with pride that im glad that i volleyed you and brought you into CU. Me and Smartbomb had money to blow that day . I volleyed you up to 500 mil and i knew from then on you were gonna grow into something. I hated when that war turned ugly bc it made me look at Chaos differently. I left bc I felt that you and others had changed the clan's total direction. I dont regret leaving Chaos because I felt that because of my ideas and values didnt fit there anymore. I wont lie. I started to dislike your actions and your leadership but i did respect the power and the effect you had not only in the clan but outside of it aswell. All of this is the past and its behind us. Im glad to have met you and fought beside you. The last conversation we had was actually one that fitted both of us perfectly: trash talking and cursing each other out (Gotta love profanity ). Eventhough we are opposites, we share the same love, dedication, and compassion for the people we have grown to love and hate. If KaW had a wall of fame coming up soon, Im sure your name will be in the hat with the rest of the vets in the game. Have a good life bro and thanks for the memories

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  2. Ahdragos, I will always remember your bold thread after the ill-timed, and leaderboard skewed T4 release. It helped me vent my rage during that frustrating time in KaW history. You will be missed.
    (Too bad you're gonna miss the T5 release)
    Good luck, and Godspeed.
  3. /close already
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  7. Dragos my brother, As you say it's hard to remember exactly when we first met. Perhaps during the March strip wars against iG or the aftermath that followed when Foxes and Chaos lost members/fractured into other clans. Or most likely when Zaft disguised as WFTT began their chosen path of conflict against all of KaW. Wherever, whenever, I saw in you a singular personality. A person of as great a resolve as the leaders of Foxes that came before me. Gamehenge, kinghawkeyes, Pollyanna, snakeeyes, maldrakes and level1 to name a few. But no disparagement meant to those other Foxes who I did not mention who have also have touched my heart. Although your dynamic personality at times left me wondering why we became such good friends, rest assured that you have left an indelible mark on the face of KaW. In your absence this game will seem smaller. As the veterans fade out pursuing what real life has to hold for them, the glory of what once were wonderful, terrible wars against implacable enemies also fades into memory. We can only ever hope that when our time comes to leave this game, to live life as we were meant to, that we leave the legacy that you and so few others achieve. I will miss you my brother. Live life.
    Your friend,
    Galan Dracos
  8. From one vet to another, peace. Good luck in whatever happens outside of KaW. I will dearly miss you
  9. Goodbye Ahdragos.

    You were the only guy I knew who would be able to stir up all of KaW into a war (ZiG Thread)

    We had some good times and I'll miss you bud. You were a true warrior.

    I'll never forget when you were in my pal group and you told me.. "Goodbye little buddy. *Creepily stares at butt*"

    I couldn't stop laughing. :p Thanks for all the good times Ahdragos, and here's to many more! 

    Drop by in pal every once in a while, eh?
  10. Ive read every word and post of this thread and id like to say goodbye and good luck even though we dont know each other

  11. Dayum, Later Bud. Im Pretty Sad U Leaving. U Whooped Me
  12. Sux To Have U Go. U Made Me Play With A Little Bit More Swagger. Glad We Became Friends
  13. Ahdy,

    You will be missed in KAW and you will be missed greatly by me. I do want to thank you for clearing up the fact that i am not Psycho too... That's always good to know! Love ya Ahdy and take care of yourself!

  14.  That was beautiful.
  15. Good luck in the real world ahdragos, nany shall miss you v
  16. Hey bro sad to hear u leave like u said me and prince are just returning.. All the best in future endeavors bro take care 
  17. gl ahdragos  kaw will never be the same without ya. Much respect.
  18. "never has so much been owed by so many to so few"- Winston Churchill. I think that sums up Ahdragos.
  19. Cya and take care Ahdragos.Sad to see another old player leave but I guess we all have to move on with our life one day.Good luck
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