Swan Song; My Final Goodbye, and the tears I shed

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by *Ahdragos (01), Oct 3, 2011.

  1. I'll have a gin tonic and a whiskey sour...better make those doubles. See u soon brother...drinks on me.
  2. .__. we are all gonna miss u.
  3. And you guys said kaw_admin doesn't check forums.

    Pfft. Noobs.
  4. Good luck in life dude
  5. This can't be happening 
  6. ...dragos....about time you quit. You deserve it. A king of this game, when you'd be better suited to be a king of a real kingdom. A great leader, a solid role model, and a fun person... See ya on the flip side.
  7. Dragos, I actually caught myself wondering where you were the other day while on pal. I will never forget stirring up some trouble in there with you, mate. You are the king of kaw and pal and always will be. I will always enjoy reading your poems in the forums. Have a good life, man.

    dc. ;)
  8. Cya Dude! I remember when i was in KotFE u were a clan Target.
  9. Never met you. Dont mean to troll. But isnt it a little over the line to write a 6,000 parapgraph essay that just says goodbye?
  10. But isnt it kinda ridiculous that you have to pulicly announce how you feel about every person in KaW? You knoe you can follow each other and private chat right? I used to play World of Warcraft. For 3 years actually. When I left I didnt announce my leaving from the game to everyone. I told my friends, and logged out. Bye bye wow, havent played since and I could care less how they feel about my leaving. Do you actually know any of these people your talking about in real life. Now really? Yeah, I kinda am trolling. But after the first paragraph, I knew all that I needed. And the after the secknd, BORING!!!
  11. Gacboyc you're not trolling you're just making too big of a deal
  12.  Brother.
  13. I am? He wrote a movie...
  14. Farewell Ahdragos
  15. and you wrote a short film, but im not going to argue here, out of respect for the dead.
  16. Best of luck 
  17. Good luck out there man and may the world shift to your being and give you what you want out of life. 
    Farewell. :3
    -Kruger 
  18. I love you too Ahdragos...
  19. Watch as he comes back in the next 10 days. 