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  1. "Hank bro , take the public back to when our living nightmare began .if we can help save a family. So that they dont go through the same trauma, sense of loss and despair that we have. It'll all be worthwhile to tell our story in the hope of warning other's of the peril's & hidden dangers of the swamp".

    "Man ,it feels like yesterday that we saw our brotha Chubby for the last time .When was it Harlan summer of 2011 ? I am getting choked up as i speak & think about him .He had started to distance himself from the family and seemed aloof and vacant.He would lock himself away in his room reading Marvel comics and magazines.Ma and pops would say he is just going through a phase going from a teenager into adulthood and was just going within himself to reflect on what his future and career he like to do and what colleges to enrol for .
    We were a tight knit family and us 3 brotha's would go out hunting together, hit the gym and workout together, watch soccer , drink together .We were never apart.

    But things started to change in the summer of 2011.Chubby would lock himself away for hours on end in his room.We would go into his bedroom and he would quickly try hide his phone. We just thought he is texting or speaking to his high school sweetheart.But up to that moment in time we had never met her.But thought he would in time bring her home for us all to meet her. But hindsight now tells us that it wasnt any girl he was spending time with but a game app he had got hooked on. Our Parents had asked Chubby what he wanted to do as a career .And chubby's reply was :- a marine biologist. Ma and pops were soo estatic and so proud of him.That lil brother Chubby knew where he wanted to go with his life and had a plan.
    A few months passed and autumn was setting in.Chubby began to go even more deeper into his own world .This was extremely hard and upsetting to watch .To see a iridescent chulo with a bright future ahead of him ,turn into a virtual recluse and locking himself away into the confines of his bedroom 24/7 to play this new taptap game was heartbreaking.
    Then mom and pop's had a idea :- for us brotha's all to go on a weekend trip away . To hopefully bring that old bond we once had between us back . When we told Chubby we were going on a trip to the EverGlades .He instantly perked up and had a twinkle in his eyes again.He was bagged up and ready to go before us 2 .It was great to see Chubby happy again.

    The day arrived and after a long drive we finally got there and met the tour guides. This trip was going to be awesome we could sense it .But little did we know how unprepared we really were. On the saturday we were up early and had a hearty breakfast in the camp site .Then on the boat to take a cruise down the swamps and marshes .To be as my bro Chubby kept telling us :- to be as 1 with nature.The deeper we got in the glades Aligators started to pop up more frequently and come very close to our boat.To tell the truth man they had me shaking .They were indeed quiet menacing.But the look on Chubby's face told a different story.He dipped his hands into his rucksack and brought out some dead fish and throwing them in the water to lure the gators closer. Then when the swarm of them were encircling the boat.Chubby held the fish to get them up face close and they were snapping and jumping at the fish in chubbys hand .
    " What the hell Chubby are you mad ? throw the fish in the water " .With that being said Chubby stood up smiled at us with a evil grin that i had never seen before.Which to this day i cant forget it and it haunts me. Then Chubbs jumped in the water and swam towards the gators and a strange mist suddenly arose and within seconds we had lost our brother Chubbster.The Gators vanished too and then the mist dispersed and we were left to tell our parents the heartbreaking news. A search and rescue operation was issued up n down the everglades and swamps.But to no avail .He was never found or seen again .We went to a spiritualist for answers and were told to not feel sad that he is happy :-Chubby is telling her it was his calling to be with his people and in his destiny to become Lord of the Swamp people.
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  3. Lol surely he gets eaten and dies
  4. Defamation. Inb4 ban.
  5. Shut up d3mOn this thread is lightly humoured compared to all the nasty & vile insults and lies Chubby says about me all over forums and in worldchat.Luck would be a fine thing Ty .
  6. I have never been moved to tears by the beauty of a thread before.
  7. I understand that this is a diss chubby thread but my brain hurts after reading the first paragraph :/
  8. Not humorous at all. /lock
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  11. So you are Chubby's " brother "?
    Your a dude
  12. Roni is the Varys of kaw. She knows everything.