Swabia's guide to farming.

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Swabia, May 11, 2013.

  1. Lmao. Look at all you badass button pushers. Arguing so much over a game on your phones and alot of you are adults haha
  2. I posted with an alt because no one would believe that Jesus is a eb fairy.
    I'm activly posting from Ody. That's about it.
    I do remember.
    Read wordwasters's signature. Trolling amuses me.
  3. Not scared. Bored.
  4. justice. imma try to explain that again.

    he came up with a character. he COULD NOT play that character as jesus. it is possible to track a forumer, even if they change their name. it would have been an absolute fail as soon as another pc forum vet took notice of him.

    also - inactive ingame and inactive on the forums are not the same thing. you have been around long enough that you should know that the forums are almost a separate game.

    as i mentioned a little while ago. i consider this game to be a joke. nothing but a button clicker. not just ebs. all of it.

    the forums are a much more interesting game.
    this game is over. you won. don't be a sore winner.
  5. Lol
    Alright Word.
    Next time he wants to play an EB fairy character and piss forums off he can keep his opinions of me on his main account or he can shut up.

    Laters Jesus. Hope you have fun with Alison.
  6. I don't even remember what my opinions of your are. I don't take this game very serious. And I will have fun with Alison. It's nice to fight someone who actually has a reputation and packs a punch. I'm not saying Im going to "win," but neither is she.
  7. Talk about forums being a different game..,,

    I Miss You-Butthurt-Bro

    Butthurt (your main that is).. If you are reading this, I miss you! I am sorry I compared you to a Llama Diva.. Can we be friends in peacetime?.. Wall me! 
  8. Ashes, I don't know if anyone would accept that. You went too far. 
  9. I know!!! I am truly sawry!!!! It was during war!!

  10. Hello I am drink
  11. JESUs hello remember KWA?
    I drank 1/2 a 26 of vodka
  12. only half? you lightweight.
  13. Hello Drink, yes I remember. 
  14. Remember how we spent so much time planning it and then I have idea to the devs and they actually implemented it into the game?

    Isn't it awesome that our idea changed the game; both of us changed the game forever! We did it man. We left our legacy
  15. Wordwaster, I can be consumers light weight.... I also drank tequila and whiskey. It was actually half a 26 oz of whiskey plus a quarter 26 of vodka, tequila, and rum.
  16. Will I regret this? Likely.
    Will I care? Likely not.
  17. I see posts have stopped despite recent postings by other players. Have you guys nothing to say? Have you guys anything insulting to say?
  18. No, the big reveal happened.
  19. Reveal? Do you mean to say that you have revealed yourself to us in the form of nudity?

    Don't say it.. I don't want to know
  20. I actually still have respect for Swabia. He was one of my big inspirations back in my iss days. I felt that he has contributed much more to the warring side of kaw than any of the worms cynder val or alison have. They all have their own play styles and personalities.

    Just because swabia posts a farming thread whilst inactive in game doesn't make him a hypocrite. I kinda feel bad that this thread has been derailed so far off track from its original intention.

    This forum cockfight has to stop, it aint getting anyone anywhere. Take it out in the news feed if you have to.

    Worms, no offense, but before ee wars, you were a nobody. You didn't really have too much organization until week 1 started. I knew a few worms from before the clan was made…just saying.

    Cyn, i love you like a brother and all, but seriously, you had your failing moments too. Don't hate on a fellow farmer when both of you are trying to accomplish the same goal; spreading chaos and anarchy.

    Val, your 20+ accounts don't make you that special honestly. But I do respect you and what you are trying to accomplish. But you don't even come close to Swabia.

    Alison…no words. You just like attention  But you are entertaining, I will hand it to you  Respect.

    If it wasn't for people like Swabia and other farmers like Tornado and Lickitung and others, KaW would be long since dead. Honest truth.

    You see more people rejecting EE wars as of recently, as per predictions that op eq holders win wars, whereas the people who have the knowledge like Empire or Silver, but no eq, tend to lose. I predict a shift back to the old system, and farming will have a new age. As soon as this account grows and gains funds, I fully intend to join a Farming clan like I did in the past 