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  1. Out of all of the Marvel/ DC universes.
    What is your favorite hero (1 from each)?
    And why?
  2. Although i love Marvel and my Cats name Rogue is inspired by X-Men

    I prefer to admire and be inspired by real life 'Superheroes' they might not be able to fly, produce claws from their knuckles or look good in tight Lycra.
    Instead they fight for our countries and lives, give up their futures to care for others, or do other things to help other people.
    Marvel and DC are great for 2 dimensional characters, but our world is full of 3 dimensional heroes to admire
  3. Well that was depressing.
  4. DC: Superman is my favorite I went to preschool one time in my Sup - Pjs And cowboyboots , gramma believe me.

    Marvel: (I own more than 2000 comic books)
    ... started with Spider-Man, X-men and fantastic four... but i identified with venom
  5. Can you include DBZ so I can answer Vegeta?
  6. The best DBZ Hero!
  7. Spider-Man for sure. His humor is great, he can actually lose, swinging around like he does would be incredible, plus I played Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 for the playstation which got me hooked. The last major reason is that the villains are awesome. Superheroes are great, but if they dont have somebody you really want to root against or that need to be taken down creatively, they lose some of their magic.
  8. missed the point Bud. To appreciate real folks concerns & actions on others behalfs isn't depressing,its an honorable way to feel. Real life is whats depressing some times,unfortunately.
  9. Vision

    He is the perfect example of a very powerful character being nerfed to death (literally lmfao) by other people just to make them useless for the sake of the plot.