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  1. All my eq and charms amount to 6m defense.. My abyssal blade gives -666 attack bonus ffs, who else is experiencing this malarkey?
  2. Think your alone brotha

  3. Cmon man nobody on iOS experiencing this?
  4. yeah i cant relate
  5. Screenshots bruh
  6. No support
  7. Malarkey 
  9. I always had strange numbers relating to bfe.
    At the moment the total numbers on my eq-page Seem to fit but those numbers listed in the profile section are totally messed up. They are all way to low and dont fit at all.
    I always thought that this was a known issue on iOS devices.


    Would be cool if devs could comment this.

    Is this a known issue by ata?
    Is there a fixing planned?
    Is it planned to display bfc (bonus from charms) separately?

    Right now my bfe on my Equipment page is wayyyyyy higher than what is displayed on my profile bfe-section. Also the bfe as a base for ll-war bonus is the same.

    For example it is shown that i get ~300m atk bonus from eq which ofc is totally wrong and much less than whats shown on my eq-page.