Super Babies - An Ethical Discussion

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  3. I think poor people should be allowed to have kids, but they should be limited to the number of kids they can actually feed and care for. I was born to poor parents, but they had enough to feed me without being on welfare.

    Also, there are a lot of bad parents who neglect their kids or let them get fat and misbehave. These kids become a burden on society when they become adults, so there should be parenting classes before people can have kids
  5. We could use this in warfare, not just sports and entertainment. Super soldiers, with hand picked genes to give them faster reflexes, or to give them greater muscle mass.
  6. @Rudy

    Can you imagine if you were genetically bred to do a specific task? What if you didn't like it? What about free will? What if you were bred to be a super soldier, but you wanted to be an artist instead? Or what if you were bred to be a scientist, but you wanted to be a police officer?
  7. I grew up poor and rich at times & i felt much happier during the richer times...i can't say i starved much during poorer times but i didn't have a fully nutritional diet either, my folks couldn't couldn't pay for sports or education that i really wanted to do, i lacked the benefits of private education & training and lacked being able to go on school camps, travel and see things that could've expanded my horizons to help me compete with the higher tiers in society. But that's my experience and i'm sure others are more content with less.

    I agree about having parents forced to be more prepared via classes, etc but still say no matter how prepared you are money means greater, faster & more secure progress in society today if you are taking advantage of what it truely has to offer.
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    Nope. This is the equivalent of taking steroids except before you were born when it comes to sports. These kinds of advancements in technology are great, but if gives an unfair advantage to those with money vs those who are self made.
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  10. The anime series Gundam seed, and squeal Gundam seed destiny rasies the prosepect naturals and modifired humans known as corodinators.
  11. There's a film called Gattaca with Ethan Hawke and Jude Law that focuses around this issue that's worth watching labels people as valid and invalids based on gene modding.
  12. That correct as I studied it in high school here, But I feel the themes issues where more fully explored via the two siries better. With gundam seed. Even though those themes drowned out slightly. from other points in them.
    Such as destiny alot ment based on gentics.
    Even though to get to those issues is a little bit over drawn. for no episodes to watch for those themes.

    issues raised that the 3rd generation coridinators cant reproduce!

    to how your still classed as natural if only gentic disease defects remove and nothing else of dna has been enhanced.

    To how much couldve been invented used for good if both naturals and coridnators worked together.
    As the naturals bit late to game where able invent fictional but shockingly more advanced tech in some aeras to the corodinators. But takes them longer to do the rnd part.
  13. No. I find this completely un-natural. But I imagine it will happen and all sorts of other weird **** in the future.
  14. sounds like cool stuff manduu, i'll have to check them out.
  15. "EUGENICS" bad in any form

  16. No one watch GATTACA?!
  17. Never heard of it
  18. I would support this… if they gave me a scarlet johansson body double 
  19. Manipulations at the genetic level could lead to numerous side effects. Numerous trials have to be run on animals such as mice, whose genetic material is around 90% similar to that of humans. The side effects could take a few years to develop, and that could become another problem later on.

    Coming to whether super babies should be allowed to compete with normal human beings, I guess that shouldn't be allowed since they would have an upper hand at the genetic level.

    There are certain things that can be done for the betterment of the human race. These techniques could be used to treat babies with down's syndrome and x-linked agammaglobulinemia. Some disorders make patients immunocompromised and this could be possible treatments in the coming future.

    However,there could be possibilities of side effects later on. A tiny mutation in the gene could lead back to the same condition. Genetic manipulation is not really going to be a very cheap procedure, so I don't know how it would help the middle class families if there was a reversion in the conditions such as syndromes after a genetic manipulation is done. The rich could use this at will.

    There are certain boons and certain banes about super babies. If I were to give an opinion, I would leave nature to decide the characters of offsprings.
  20. Sure, the elite class can cover the costs for this, me, I'll just keep "hammering" the chicks, there be lots of sexy ones to combat the elite class.

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