Super Babies - An Ethical Discussion

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  1. Ask and you shall receive, Delta. In the spirit of keeping this forum entertaining, here's another serious thread brought to you by the seriously serious artificial processed soy-based product.

    What is A Super Baby?

    I just made this phrase up, but a super baby is any human being that is not natural. With the development of the CRISPR DNA splicing technique, geneticists can now add and delete genes from human DNA. This means if a gene is known to cause a certain type of cancer, it can be replaced by a gene that does not. Similarly, desirable traits can be added, like eye color, height and other genetic traits.

    Last month, the U.K. Allowed the first testing of CRISPR on human embryos.

    The Question

    So my question to you fine folks is this: should super babies be allowed to participate in competitions with natural human beings?

    Imagine what the NFL will look like in the next 30-40 years. You might see players standing over 8-feet tall, weighing over 300 pounds of solid muscle. You might have natural humans unable to get into colleges because their brains can't compete with super babies. You might get passed over for a job because a super baby was smarter, stronger, and faster than you.

    Should discrimination against them be allowed? It's not their fault they are super babies, but their "super powers" make it impossible for natural humans to compete.

    This question also extends to other types of unnatural human modifications, like the brain implants that researchers are working on to improve memory, concentration, or intelligence. There are bionic humans today with mechanical arms and legs that give them super strength.

    What should we make of all this?

    Please discuss!
  2. First!!

    Good Read.... not sure on how I feel about it yet tho
  3. I think it'd be cool lol
  4. So we'd have a bunch of Goku babies?
  5. Nice thread topic.

    I personally believe that it will be a long time before these designer/super babies shall come about.
    There are too many who would object due to religious faith or personal morals.

    I believe that when this comes about there will be a huge gap between the socio-economic groups as a result of wealthy parents paying to have "perfect" children.

    Their children will be simply better at almost everything depending on how advanced the genetic modification procedures are in this future.

    Evolution is based on adaptation. Adaptation occurs when a random mutation becomes useful in the organism's environment. Eventually those with the useful mutation will outnumber those without it, leading in many cases to the non-mutated members of their species becoming extinct.

    With this we are essentially forcing evolution, and perhaps our own extinction.

    Sorry if I rambled nonsense, I am dying today.
  6. Interesting, I think that it's for a child who doesn't have a genetic disorder it will probably be illegal. If it was legal, the rich would be the only one who could afford such a thing. I get that kids from rich parents get a better shot at life but there's no need to make life more unfair than it is already.

    I wonder if any of what I said made sense
  7. Lol I basically said a fragment of what pipe bomb said
  8. Pretty much
  9. Thanks, pipe. You brought up a good point. This technology will literally breed out the lower class so that they're actually inferior in every way, not just economically.

    In the future, it will be impossible for the poor to raise their socioeconomic standing. Not because of socioeconomic pressures beyond their control but because they're literally genetically inferior to their upper class counterparts.

    Today, the socioeconomic playing field is somewhat democratized because of our genetic equality across the entire human population, but this will not be the case for very much longer if the GMO food debate is any predictor of the GMO baby debate.
  10. What does CRISPR stand for? Guess everyone posting this thread knows it already but forgive me for wanting to catch up!
  11. CRISPR - clustered regularly-interspaced short palindromic repeats.

    I have no clue what any of that means. All I know is that it's a technique that allows geneticists to modify DNA.
  12. So..

    Some guy posts a shirtless bathroom selfie on snapchat and hooks up with a Bon Bon binging Brony chick, this natural mixing of human genes is OK.. But some mixing happens in a test tube is not natural?..

    My point is..

    Human genes have been mixing in many ways and shapes and forms.. Producing all kinds of human beings ranging in all kinds of physical characteristics..

    We still accept them (well unless ur a racist or genophobe) as humans..

    The societies in the future will continue to adapt to any human types, whether they be mutated (Hello X-Men) or GMO'ed..

    All I ask for in the GMO future are symmetrical boobies..

  13. Is Emilia Clarke not good enough for you?!?!?

  14. That is definitely genetically modified..
  15. I'm a Super Baby... I shall conquer you all. That is all have a nice day.
  16. Support.

    Ashes should Run the genetic Engineering project in the United States... Let the U.K. Work on Inteligence, we must focus on Boobies!

  17. Support.
    Also i wanna be second in command.
  18. :roll: Do retirement better.
  19. I think its a good step foward...being poor myself i can say poor people shouldn't be having kids imo. Super babies most likely could lead to alot not wanting a child that will never be able to compete as well as super babies so will help reduce the overpopulation we currently see in the poorer parts of the world. Also if there are more evolved people around maybe they could better figure out how to solve economic & social gaps better than what we do now.
  20. Chocolate.. I already have.. Here are some of my genetically modified examples that are already running around in society..

    Kim Kardashian's Ass

    Steph Curry's half court shot


    Kanye West's Brain

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