Sun Lord and Green Lady (Now With More Rewards!)

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  1. Whats up with pvp ? Went threw my whole battle list and only got two payouts ? At this rate its impossible to make any worth wild goaled .Oh wait let me spend lots of money for something I can buy cheaper in the market. Events are a joke
  2. my club isn't working

    soooooo I just unloaded and I have a club but it did not increase my items payout at all... I got picture proof.. Is anybody else having this problem?
  3. Someone is not paying attention to my stuff they are building up and your changing them to those things
  4. The drop rates on the EB side of the event need to be adjusted. Amount earned should be based on activity, not build type.
  5. Its a matter of a good eb rotation.
    Forget about HtE.
    War wins pay 300 orbs.
    PvP pays great plunder n good rewards.
    Do the math n set a plan.
    3.5k (167/day) is a good goal
    7.5k (357/day) for who go above n beyond.
    Top 100 n Top 10 r for open wallets.
  6. Atleast give the people who got 3500 orbs a seal
  7. They also conceding that they need to incorporate new ideas into events. Devs are 90% full of crap but I think they'll follow through on this as they have little choice as I believe spending on these events are down as people finally realised the over saturation of equipment has made chasing rewards pointless.

    Btw there was very good value in this event. I spent twenty bucks on it for an xtal pack. In return not only did I get the gold gain from xtals I'll also receive a seal 6 dollars, 5 xtals 5 dollars,4 gold crux which if i remember correctly last time they were sold for same price as seals so that 24 dollars, I forget how many regular crux now..I think 6? That's 18 dollars. Add onto that all the bars, plunder spell and other various crap i don't particularly care about and there's absolutely nothing to complain about this event over.
  8. Really though, ive been around for 2 + years, Kaw used to not even have wars... We had missions and Pwars. To say that the game has not changed at all and is boring is bull s****. The devs have done an amazing job with this game through adding events, the mage, the alchemist, equipment, eb's, tiers: hoarfrost abyss... Really everything. You cannot attack the devs hardwork when you are butthurt that you havent found the proper way to go about events in order to yield a payout that will make you content!
  10. I complain but I get the best possible reward I can get for free kaw really hasn't changed much the devs have but kaw hasn't pretty sure pwars were over 2 years ago and what is a mission?
  11. Most get annoyed because its the same over and over again so no creativity not because of b2b events. Events are fine just switch them up a bit.
  12. Agree n also make it so rewards have more use other than use for a few IWars a week.
  13. I'd like to ask devs to remove the quote button!
  14. k
  15. Next PvP should hafta opt-out not opt-in he, BAM
  16. They did that once. It was fun
  17. Agreed
  18. Mechanics should be fixed.. 150 mil cs shouldn't be able to hit 40 cs.. I know I couldn't hit kingdoms 1/3 my size
  19. Pvp mechanics should be fixed .. 150 mil cs kingdoms shouldn't be able to hit 40 mil cs .. I know I couldn't hit kingdoms 1/3 my size
  20. I new to this game. I really think it is a good idea to have these event on so that I and smaller players could get equipment :D Hope there will be more event coming out in near future