Summer war pettition

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by -ERaDiCaTe-, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. Cancel summer war
  2. And give full rewards
  3. Let me see...

    They had plenty of prep time before V1. Result...Epic Fail.
    They had a week to address any and all bugs from V1. Result...same if not more issues. Epic Fail.

    So, I support OP
  4. Support Devs are garbage. Need old devs back
  5. Old devs just as worse.
  6. New new devs then. Don't care. Old devs wouldn't erase pc version
  7. If you was actually around, they announced it a while back that they will be pulling the plug on PC as flash is ending in 2020. I don't get why you all act suprised now.
  8. Support to cancel summer war
  9. Cancel summer pls, such a waste of time
  10. I'm looking forward to figuring out which mod keeps reporting my banner
    "Focke Wolf 190 D"
    It's a literal plane. I EXPLAINED THIS TO SUPPORT. Yall are just literally mentally challenged and I cant change accs because of your mistake