Summer War, final result: Last Rights Wins.

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  1. Congratulations to both clans on reaching the finals, and of course to Last Rights for winning 
  2. Butthurt alt will be butthurt.
  3. Does this mean it's too late now to fix the last rites typo? Congrats guys well fought, that's some discipline.
  4. I'm going to have to stick up for
    He didn't say anything about Mercs being bad, he just pointed out where Cor said they were LR members and called the KotFE member ignorant.
  5. @haysforhorses
    I often wondered that about the clan name, why is it rights and not rites.
  6. Supernerdy, what if not many know who lr members are? Ever think of alts and such? Maybe my spy is a member, and I only brought my eb attack build in for war? (example only, i rarely eb) At the end, Cor may be correct but this convo is pointless, I don't feel like explaining things to anymore. Enjoy your zero statness, cos I usually prefer explanation by filling up the news

    and seriously, chill dude. Mercs or not, it's a well deserved victory against the toughest opponent in Kaw. Clan worked as one. It's actually pretty hard if you got too many mercs in it.
  7. I call a rematch! Lol
  8. Omg an intelligent being!

    Panic, ty, but please refrain from using any form of intelligence on this thread as to maintain the theme of fatuousness these brave iphone warriors have brought to it.

    But to answer your question a to hy it's last rights instead of rites, minus the fact that ripper isn't the world most gifted speller, Last Rites was already made by regulators as a Pw clan.

    Trouble. Thanks for being the stupidity back. Nice try with your wall of nonsense. But sadly all those at the top are pretty well known throughout all of kaw, nonetheless you're trying to imply that maybe their alts are members of LR. Cool bro doesn't mean the mains at the top of the plunder log are members. And if they are how come they only showed up to help LR win the last war or two were special items were granted to the winner? They shoulda been there for all the wars in the tourney if they are infact loyal members LR.
  9. Nice win  2 Strong opponents.
  10. And judging by those 200k wins I'm quite sure you rarely eb trouble. Thanks for verifying.
  11. And one more thing Trouble...

    Why are you now making up what if scenarios? Cor was an idiot by posting what he did. Your silly what it's don't change that, nor do they even make sense to anyone that knows much about the game.
  12. The only stupidity I see in this thread is some aptly named account repeatedly calling people stupid.

    Well done my comrades. Well fought Zaft. Thank god that's over 

  13. Why were there so little atks but so many scts
  14. Plz last rights and alliances we need to listen to these 0 stats noobs if they was running the war we would have won in 2 min with their expertise just look at their war experience why would lr have alliances for so they must be merc  and now here the truth get over you self you could not have done what we did this was a epic war and for the ones that was in this war it was a experience of a life time to war two great osw clans ( but I am sure y'all on this forum would be like inc stl but it's ok I don't have gold out so they don't get plunder   last rights and alliances LoS
  15. LOL silly Los person. You couldn't be more wrong.

    And you claim all "mercs" that assisted LR are from allied clans. Also couldn't be more wrong.

    I do love how y'all continue to tarnish the very thread meant to praise you. I've not once taken anything away from what those who fought the war accomplished. I've only pointed out one persons ignorant post. Y'all however are the ones that have taken an aggressive approach so vigilantly against little bitty account. Sorry I happen to know a little bit more than the average joe and call out Cor on his stupid remark.

    Sorry to make you feel lesser. I know those big stats need their egos stroked.

    Here's something better for you to do with your time beside follow the rage posting that's been ongoing...

    Your clan announcement says: Shadowbeas11 (Ampersand) fake clan CF on tech (ampersand) resurrection (ampersand) gangstar777.

    Figure out how I know.
  16. You seem very angry super nerd. Were you not hugged enough as a child?

    And I don't know whose ca you're reading but it isn't mine.
  17. Oh yes that's it. I'm angered from lack of hugs as a child. You should be a doctor.

    And silly Los person knows who ca that is.
  18. Oh dear. We do lose our temper quickly don't we?