Summer Promotion: Limited Time EB Bonuses August 22nd, 2013

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  1. August 22nd, 2013 - Sporavek's Revenge!

    For 24 hours, starting at:
    12:00pm PDT
    3pm EDT
    7pm GMT
    8pm GMT +1 (London)

    Sporavek's Revenge will drop 2x GOLD and 2x CHANCE of items until August 23rd, 7pm GMT (this means 2x the amount of gold and 2x the CHANCE/AMOUNT of item drops)

    Check back everyday to see if an Epic Battle will be rewarding bonus rewards.

    If you start an EB before the bonus expires (before 7pm GMT) you will still get the bonus until it's complete
  2. Awesome. What's sporeks revenge?
  3. Devs, you guys lining up the new EBs for promos?
  4. what about small of clans that can't do all the big stuff come on
  5. SalemRanger, it's the last eb in the Hawthorn the Wretched series.
  6. Not really that great
  7. I agree with pop13, you use to run for both but now it's only for bigger builds. Where's the fairness in that
  8. Ugh. An eb you need to spend mith to finish.. would love to see the mith spells from this eb removed now that mith is a more precious commodity
  9. Probably only for big builds to help with growth for the t6 buildings
  10. Yay thank you
  11. Mith using eb 24 hours before the first ee war of the weekend. Wonder how many people will forget and buy mith for the eb from the miniscule allowance and not have any for ee lol
  12. It's only two mith lol not that hard. It's not gonna break anyone's bank
  13. what does this word 'fair' mean. Havemt never heard of such a thing in my life

    /End sarcasm
  14. Havent* ever*
  15. X2 gold was mostly for small builds n clans for a long time n x2 drop was on bigger ebs
    So quit whining its our turn 
    Ty devs
  16. Come on Dev's wake up stop forgetting the smaller players for 2x gold.
  17. Could we have a double drop on wasteland wilds? I literally have done it eight times and only have gotten hammers and amulets.