Summer promo - Zelgarad the Accursed!

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  1. The burning city and the Lord of Fire aren't the only sources of heat! For the remainder of Summer, ZTA will be available every day, not just the weekends! It also means that Aevum Circle Pieces and Icons Agony will be available for purchase from the Marketplace all the time!

    It's time to escape from the scorching heat of Summer Sun and enjoy the scorching heat of one and only Lord of Fire!

  2. It burrrrrnnnns...
  3. I just want to say that, as a company, your grammar is atrocious.
  4. Define "remainder of the summer" pls.
  5. Yahoo, something for me not to spend my money on.
  6. I would like two say, that as an company.....who gives two spits?
  7. Until the summer is over basically.
  8. Can we get a date until "summer ends"
  9. Much clarity such wow
  10. I live in Arizona, the summer ends sometime in December here.
  11. Well, we're in Canada, so we have like a week to enjoy the Promo.
  12. Ata hold this W :)
  13. If I move around the world to where it is always summer will zta always be available for me?
  14. Yes. That's how time works.
  15. Remember that promise for when it’s September 1st and I contact support saying zta isn’t available for me 
  16. Jokes on you! September 1st is Friday and I'm off on Fridays! Checkmate!
  17. Officially summer ends around September 20th but keep the circles coming,as there's still no higher tier eb coming,as support has said in the last 2 months.Only p2p it seems are being put out now.
  18. Actually Fall starts on Sept 22nd this year, which means that summer ends on Sept 21st. So your definition and clarification of the " end of summer" was even more confusing haha
  19. So can we guess NK will come on weekends? 