Summer 2016 All Star War Betting!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. When does it start
  3. With the Semifinals complete, we want to remind players rewards will not be instant, but will come soon once the results are 100% finalized and the event pages are setup to distribute them.

    Thanks for your patience
  4. Where are all winners listed?

    Edited to add, nevermind. I found it. Wca was only showing three of the results.
  5. When do we get bet tokens back from bets won?
  6. Hey Mink,

    Rewards should start rolling out around 11:30 (15 minutes from now).

    Expect the rollout to take around an hour (max).

    But you can place bets until just before the war tomorrow so you have 10+ hours to place your second round of bets!

    And again, good luck!
  8. Is this a permanent addition?
  9. U say "in the market place" for placing bets. Where?
  10. As the war has already started it's not possible to bet now. But you can try to bet before the next (and last) war starts. You'll find it at the bottom of the Marketplace.
  11. I'm confused. how the LB for the AsW token winner shows some people with 18 tokens. I bet on the winning team every time all my tokens and I got 14. Did I miss anything?
  12. Did you miss something? No. Did I miss something? Looks like it!

    No player should be able to have more than 14 at this point. But don't worry!

    the payout for max rewards is capped at 28. Even if anyone somehow ends with more any more than 28, the extra gives 0.

    So even if they win the next rounds they will only get the (at most) the top tier for ASW Betting.

    But I am not sure what has lead to a few players being able to collect 18. Thanks for pointing it out
  13. I think the old bets you make are not voided after war. I didn't bet for last war but my previous bet won me 2 extra tokens.
  14. Doesn't seem like that should be it. Each new round has different tokens that lead to rewards. So even if our system hasn't yet removed your old bets they shouldn't be playing a factor.

    Are you sure those +2 were not from another notification for more tokens? (you get 6 during this weekend)
  15. I got 2 notifications saying I got 2 ASW tokens from olive and 2 from magenta round 2. I only bet on magenta in the first round.
  16. For round 2, I betted 3 tokens on Olive and 3 tokens on Magenta, but I only got 6 token rewards for the 3 Magenta bets only
  17. Betting-
    the action of gambling money on the outcome of a race, game, or other unpredictable event.

    This is a game with children to promote gambling on such a game is un ethical. I will email ATA directly followed by fair trading and gambling commission.
    It is not the fact you can choose to bet or not it's the fact the developers have made this option available to children
  18. Show me the money......