Summer 2015 All Star Wars

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  1. This game has a lot of cry babies...

    When I played future combat, we would have been over joyed to get an all star war.

    You guys get ASW's and cry about it. At least the devs are trying to fix things that you guys messed up.
  2. Cant blame your clients for messing something up.
  3. We the Vipers problem?
  4. Several people left after the first screw up you made devs......and then you gave admins seals, and they left too. Your intentions were in the right place, but FAILED. I have been in the past 4 ASW, and this by far, was the worse you have done. TY for 200 mith, that was great. I would trade that for a even war. No crying here, a loss is a loss, But DEVS-you NEED to do better. You should have postponed until Saturday & given everyone a chance to regroup. Props to --The_Legend--KAIGARATE--, that planned with 20 min, and down several people as they left mad.....Get it together Devs pls!

    That being said. Good Luck to remaining teams!
    All the best!
  5. Waste of time Ty to all the inactives only after a free badge that didn't bother to help team
  6. Sub: Feedback for ASW 2016.

    Dear Dev,

    Following are the suggestion for the next ASW.

    1. As u said strength of roaster should be #200, but i can see only #110 averge warrior in each roaster. So please open window for the rest who are under 10k lb to cast wave. And stream them accordingly as per strength to feel each clan respectively till u feel clan with #200 thats the way u should b doing. Not the other way if jst #100 top 10k opted and u start asw event wit them.

    2. I have noticed there are hardly any targets for warrior under 80- 110 for the present event. Since above them are strong and long gap of cs. Which made fun disappear. When you open window at lower cs warrior this problem get solve.

    3. Please reintroduce gud reward as earlier instead of this stupid batch and banana or star whatever that.

    4. Mith payout sucks after doing war for 6 hrs and 6 xtl. Increase the payout.

    This are my only suggestions for your consideration and action please.

    Warm regards.

  7. EE should have NOT been impacted. That should be reversed. ASW is NOT EE related. I trust you will take care of your ppl that warred :)
  8. The Chicago Outfit. 
  9. low turnout means you should have made it 12k and not 10k, or even 15k cutoff. Also your formula for the overall standing is whack. A 17m CS with no allies (ps) got in and us with 25m CS with allies didn't. Lots of people want to play and yet low turnout on final numbers? Do you guys even check things?
  10. Inactives with shattered blades were dropped from winning teams and tokens stripped. They won't be in the next rounds anyway.
  11. Exactly! I agree with u.Not only ps, I have seen attack build too with two stat.less allies got in. Dont want to name him. Coz i m not angry on him.
  12. Dear Devs. I'm totally not amused. Please look at the result good griffins : emerald eagles. I wrote in this forum (page 70), before the war started: "Please stop this unfair war". I think I thougt right. So wars in kaw are not funny.
  13. Devs i put out of my clan I m so sorry could you help me too apply into my clan please
  14. I agree with REK04, that was a joke of a war match after 3 players, (one the #2 in clan) managed to leave clan before war started, even tho rosters were supposed to b locked and u couldn't leave!. Secondly we had nothing to unload on for 3hrs yet only get 1 XTAL as compensation! Then they give the three admin of clan a seal each for clan use as compensation for the clan to get three hte after war, what about the accounts that were dead on their feet up warring during the night and had to sleep when war ended, no compensation for them again!! What a joke Dev absolutely pathetic and not worthy of a proper tournament and most certainly not worthy compensation to any of us either. Take ur hats of Dev all year to prepare for what's meant to b the tournament of the year and u yet again fail on all levels!! Must b due to the fact ur not getting any dollar from it yourselves eh!!
  15. You're a moron. The devs completely botch it and your probem is people calling them out? You must be a real pushover in other aspects of life.
  16. This asw start time was 1am. Im glad I did not cast, i would have slept too.

    No suprise there is broken swords.
    Such a shame for UK & Euro not really in our favour. Devs If I did cast unload for a hour then won the round does that seem fair to the rest of the warriors.

    Perhaps next time we could spread the first rounds over two time zones.

    After all you messed the match ups, if it was spread out maybe less people would feel hard done by. Saying that congrats to the Active winners.
  17. Semis are 3am here. I wanted to be in ASW so I made sure I could be.
    There is no time which suits every part of the world, if you want to be in it you have to deal with the times.
  18. What was the point in giving the admins a seal only for them not to seal?