Summer 2015 All Star Wars

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  1. Bc ur losing?
  2. Lol. Kaws response to me was to try and spin it like i did something wrong tnot get placed properly in an asw clan. No biggie, theres always next year.... But the way your team has responded via email is a bit irritating. All ya had to do was say "sorry that our system failed to work properly." Not " oh well after it didnt work and you tried recasting you then joined a clan, 2.5 hours after sign ups ended, so that might be why it failed to work"

    I even specifically mentioned at start of email I did not want mith or a free handout, i just wanted to play
  3. Butthurt
  4. H E L L O ! !
  5. Hi
  6. Honestly, if I had another week, I would have a shot at getting. Either way I'm not that dissapointed because rewards aren't great and I would have had to been inactive if I made it Sunday.
  7. Apologies for lack of grammer for haters in my last post but @mike no joke and im sure if they remember the indis then they would have no issues in saying the same as they are proper ee indi warrers.....maybe/hopefully im mistaken and they have just spent a few t shooting up lb on allies.....hopefully so or else something seriously aint right....

  8. Only 8 clan warring with approx 112 each = 900 people. So now when other 10000-15000 LB getting invite to participate in war.
  9. Wut
  10. If you lose and you are top 5 admin then you got a free seal. Well done!
  11. I didn't read the last 71 pages but honestly i don't think an ASW event chest was required for this event, thats what the war icon is for in Clan Events. I don't care if you made events or not for the non-ASW event participaints(sp) but the chest was unnecessary.
  12. Congratulations to our winners of the Preliminaries.

    Violet Vipers, Magenta Manticores, Gold Griffins, and Blue Basilisks move on to the Semi-Finals tomorrow!
  13. So... i earned 45 mith for 6 hours of activity?

    You kidding me?

    You have outdone yourself ATA... cheap punks
  14. You were also given 200 Mithril because of the issues with casting and the war starting.
  15. Are devs gonna sort out mith payout ? With all the mess at start it hasnt recognised that i mithed so hasnt counted it towards payout. Also i had to re-cast bottom 2 mith again during war because they ran out.
  16. It makes it easier for them to hand out rewards. They developed the event system for that purpose. So why not use it?
  17. Ok thnx didnt know that lol.
  18. Kaw - suggestion next time better set the rule right . I still don't understand why 4 of my clan mate allow to left the clan .
    Also pls be more prepare . U really spoilt many people day .
  19. Yeah just another event to award the spenders
  20. Epic fail. People left clans because of your failures and you don't fix the rosters. 5 extra people is 30 xtals. Plus 2 of our top 10 left.

    You sure know how to kill a game. Kaw will be joining gaw sooner than we all thought.