Summer 2015 All Star Wars

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Always gonna be inactives on 200 roster.
    We need bigger shoulders to packem 
  2. Yes thats how asw have always been
  3. Not always, they used to give amazing equipment
  4. I might do the mom tues wedns wars for possible seal drop.....but im not doing 6hr wars 3 days in a row for an achievement ️
  5. Go to top lb you will see 2012 asw gear. The ring is still op
  6. No martin. The amazing equip was for summer tournament. Best equip in game for past 3yrs
  7. Woah. What is up with those hours?
  8. I'm so excited... to finally be rid of my stars from last asw. Rewards are pathetic. Devs just copy & pasted post from last year and changed dates. I would expect a LITTLE more effort if we're going to throw 18 xtals over 18 hours their way
  9. ASW 3 was up to 3-8hrs wars in 36hrs
  10. Yeah. My problem with the hours is that I work 7 of them. I can probably still manage, but there will be at least 3 hours of sub par performance on my part. And I don't like sub par performance.
  11. Why not a tier for smaller players?

    Oh right, if you're not rich or an old player you can't be apart of anything good. :)
  12. AllStarWars ways been Top 10k

    Get volleyed up n bump up BFA to try makin it in top 10k
  13. Doesn't mean they can't reintroduce something new.
  14. Darn I can't be part of 18 of wars culminating in no rewards. I r sad.
  15. Actually the 5k-10k range is pretty small, relatively speaking.
  16. Start a thread n propose an idea
  17. The "not quite stars wars"
  18. Because the developers always use all the great ideas, I, and many others, have proposed in the past.
  19. BINGO