Summer 2015 All Star Wars

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  1. part of the reason for that is that most of the top 10k accounts are owned by a small number of people.
  2. More like most in top 10k rarely or never war.
    Add that to the alts n there u have it.
  3. I know plenty in top 10k (not alts) that just don't want to commit an entire weekend for stars. Kaw has become a game where people now want tangible rewards, not emoji and badges.
  4. I never participated in the summer wars that dropped equipment. But I did asw last year, and this year I want emoji and more badges
  5. I agree with you Cal. I did ASW 3 and 4 just for the sheer fun of it. Would have been nice to see a reward in equipment, but I'll be joining this one regardless.
  6. Am I eligible?
  7. White ghost trash boy is target lol.
  8. Do people not know that the lb updates every so often and not every second?
  9. Every so often - (translation) - LB updates daily
  10. This is what you should do to have less inactive
  11. I would like to participate but Sunday's war time is terrible 4 me.

    I attend church and have responsiblities there. I bet tons of ppl are in a similar predicament. Given that there Christians that play this game - they would struggle to war Sunday morning

    Personally my Christian faith is important to me. If the war time were changed i would participate

  12. God works in mysterious ways
  13. How does the rank of overall work now. I am cr 30 and most attack builds below me have a over all rank yet I dont.

    Does this mean I do not qualify for asw?
  14. Your faith has made you weak. Thanks to Jesus I'm Buddhist. Haven't you ever played hookey from church? Live a little.
  15. After spending an entire weekend dedicated to this last year....only to be rewarded flair that I wish I could get rid of....there's no way I'll be doing this if the only 'reward' is flair.

    Yeah it's fun and all, but it's also a massive time drain. If you're serious about this, you can essentially write off the entire weekend of anything except kaw.

    For flair? Nah.
  16. Support, eventually its bye bye stars ;)
  17. 6 hour wars for three days ? Are you kidding me! Would love to do it again but the time commitment is unjustifiable. 
  18. Guess it's time to quit this game. It's becoming a money pit and time pit as well. 
  19. -hatf1eld- Don't you want this years emoji branded name for an entire year? So the winners can be seen as KaW's
  20. Tbh even if equipment isn't going to be awarded for participants at least make it worthwhile with rewards such as mith, bronze bars, HoC, SoD, Increased PvE spells, Winners gain EE level losers don't lose level but their current level is refreshed. Those are simply a few things that come to mind in order to make 6 hours of war for 3 days worthwhile. Especially seeing as we can't leave the clans we need a way to maintain our EE levels and not be punished EE level wise for attending this event. If EE levels aren't going to be a reward for this perhaps just refresh the participants EE levels on entry in order to allow them to participate without worrying.

    **Before anyone says it my EE level has over a week left on it so this suggestion isn't about me but it's for the wider potential participant base**