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  1. I’m sorry but how is that Plagiarism... no lines were copied or ect. Plagiarism would be copy and pasting the book in her story not a “mostly truth essay that’s roughly the same bc it’s roughly truthful”. With how long human history is and how many are alive I doubt u could write anything that hasn’t roughly already been written.
  2. Let it die
  3. Suicide is not a thing to use as a threat for attention, nor is it something to encourage.
  4. I need a sequel
  5. I wasn't encouraging it at all, or threatening with it, thank you very much. You will not understand though, so whatever.
  6. You men just don't understand the severity of the story she's presenting do you?, silly noobs
  7. Is this support or am I wishfully thinking? OwO idk.
  8. This story was so bad it's driving me to kill myself.
  9. Suicide: Blatantly Plagiarized by ShadowPrincess153

    Side effects may include, but are not limited too, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, vomiting, maniacal laughter, inability to see past stupidity of OP, growing hatred for nubs, and an unshakeable desire to kill yourself because you don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    Let it die, people.

  10. I'm glad to see that the forums have evolved a bit. Although a bit slow.
  11. I know of at least one player who committed suicide. I myself was near and the support of clan players helped massively. Please look out and after those who need or may need future support.
  12. I myself know another that has committed suicide, or at the very least that's what all signs from the research has proven
  13.  knowing what I've read seen and heard I wish the world would help those struggling I mean look what happened to Chester Bennington or Chris Cornell or the lste boudain. We need to help those before it's too late. I even at one point thought about it but didn't because I still have a long way to go than to end it all :/
  14. Very Long notes lol