Suicide Prevention

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  1. Yeah but 90% of the time meds arent needed to begin with ...thats big pharma, the whole depression caused by a "chemical inbalance" is mostly crap. I mean it sorta is a chemical imbalance but what triple is saying is true. Even if doing something that SHOULD make you happy doesnt make you happy you should force yourself to doing those things sorta trains your brain to release endorphines when it should, you become depressed and your brain doesnt do it when it should anymore so you actually have to condition your brain to do so.


    ...its just that some people have to work harder then others
  2. Alot of studies show the highest suicide rates stay about even between the lowest of low incomes AND the highest of high incomes.

    Things dont make people happy, wealth doesn't spare one from depression and money cant buy mental stability or a since of purpose.
    Everyone has a right to live, no one gives us that right, we simply take it...or we dont.

    But then again No perspective is completely right, and none completely wrong...which should further put things into perspective.

    Can think your way out of anything folks...or into have the power, opportunity and the choices...just gotta take em and make em. Well...I suppose thats all i have to say on the topic. Hope anyone struggling out there finds a way out...but no one and no amount of money can give you a way out...its your right to live and its you who must take it.

  3. takes CONSTANT work to remain happy. Its not like you get there and thats it you stay happy forever. Gotta bust your ass. Make goals ...1 year goals ...2 year goals ...5 year goals. Have a road map for your life and follow it.

    Read Malcom Gladwell's "The Tipping Point" me self help books are crap but this guy is actually really good.

    Also if lack of money/finance is an issue with you read "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki
  4. Tryptophan (an essential amino acid) is only present in significant amounts in animal products, particularly meats. Tryptophan is a direct precursor to serotonin--in other words, your body literally needs it to produce happy chemicals.

    However, not all depression is due to dietary issues. Clinical, chemical depression often has virtually no discernable causes--only symptoms, that eventually feed back into the cycle and make other symptoms worse.

    There is no one cure. A healthy, active lifestyle, good diet, healthy social life, loving family/partner, or any combination of these or other factors doesn't automatically make someone not depressed. Some people only respond to meds. Reversing that, some people will do poorly on meds, but start thriving and recovering when they make positive lifestyle changes. There is no universal solution to depression, and proclaiming that what worked for you is one is borderline offensive and completely ignores the fact that other people are different from you.

    I eat well, exercise regularly, have wonderful supportive relationships, enjoy my job, am in school for something I love, get plenty of sleep, and am on meds. I still have clinical depression. The meds help greatly, and all the other factors generally help as well, but even with all the positive habits I keep, and the general lack of significant negative events in my life recently, I still feel awful the majority of days. I still have nasty, intrusive thoughts regularly.

    I'm well-practiced at properly running my life most days, slogging through sometimes when that's all I can do. I'm a high-functioning depressed person. I'm doing most things "right" to not be depressed. But because of the imbalances in my brain and/or body, I still feel awful. Is there a cure? Maybe. At this point, I'm not sure I even care about dreaming for one cure. All I can do is keep improving my habits and slowly, carefully adjusting my meds and hope that my depression gradually gets better. Or that I continue to get better at dealing with it.

    Depression is not one thing. It varies with the individual. Some individuals have cases that are more easily resolved--sometimes regular exercise is really all it takes. But for others, almost nothing works. Sometimes the depression can be mitigated, but it may not be able to be eradicated any way but waiting it out. Rhetoric helps no one. What does help is listening, providing genuine, appropriate suggestions based on what they tell you, and being there for them when they need you, whether it be for advice or just sympathy on an especially crummy day.

    Bottom line is, have empathy for your fellow humans. Respect their differences. Listen to them. If you've experienced the difficulties of depression, don't belittle their experience just because you got over it.

  5. Drama queen no ones belittling anyone ....yo EVERYONE has to deal with life it aint easy for any of us. I said %90 ....if you wanna yes man Big Pharm go ahead

    I was the victim of a failed home invasion i spent a year in a coma and then almost 4 years of therapy afterwards. Lost everything career, home, everything. Thought about killing myself every day for years. doesnt mean i dont sympathsize with others but if youre coherent enough to discuss as anyone has on this thread youre probably coherent enough to seek help.
  6. If you REALLY are depressed for Gods sake put the phone/MMOs away ...regardless of what anybody says ESPECIALLY on this thread living on your phone only makes it worse
  7. I dont really care what someone thinks works or doesnt. Different solutions work differently for everyone. Nobody should shame someone for being able to find a semblance of happiness or functionality.

    Be it drugs, helplines, self-fulfillment, dieting, whatever it is, it doesn't matter. Whats important is that people have the access to what works best for them.
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  9. Some interesting points brought up. I appreciate the few of you who’ve brought some rather constructive comments to the thread. I think that raising awareness really can make a difference. It’s always interesting to see other people (like Thrawn and Finbarre) who’ve experienced things to give their side of what’s helped them and I think discussing and revealing different methods can really help! :)

    @PrincessBacon thank you for your comments, and I know life can be shitty. As a victim of a failed suicide (as stated in the original post) I can assure you help is out there. It might not be through the hotline. It might not be through the medicine. It might not be through a person. It might just be through you. I firmly believe every person has the ability to try and make things positive. It might not work but if you are already depressed what would it hurt to try? You have to try different things to help you until you find what works. Try the hotline. Try a local minister or church. Try a friend, family member, or co-worker. Just try. You can’t automatically assume nothing helps, is a fraud, or doesn’t work. There are multiple methods and ways to find help, you just have to find which one works best for you. And no, the thoughts never go away. The pain never goes away. But you can learn to live with that. I’m clinically depressed, but I am content with my life. I’ve learned to adapt to my surroundings and live with what I have. You can too. :)
  10. Thanks God health isn't SO expensive in my country.
    But speaking of this, princess don't be so negative! You're not helping people with those posts!
  11. Thanks for sharing your story, Bluejay. I think it's definitely important to bring awareness to the issue. There's a lot of people all over the world who may feel as though they're in a similar situation, and there can be a silver lining to it. I also appreciate everyone's feedback about these situations. Many people have had different experiences, and certain things can work for one individual but not another, so it's important to keep yourself open to new things.
  12. The goal wasn’t to help I hope you know that. I hope you also know you don’t have a right to tell someone to not speak their mind on such a subject.
  13. It’s nice to see someone from ATA comment on this topic
  14. Agreed! Thank you, Winston. Very much appreciated!
  15. Yknow forums are a different place when nobody is around to drop the
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  16. Before people didn’t really suffer from depression, because they were outside and not staring at a phone 24/7.

    How many caveman committed suicide? Maybe a few but that’s not the point. They were out hunting and surviving.
  17. I'd like to see you survive, with a moderate degree of success, without a phone. I'd like even more to see you survive by hunting and gathering.

    Not really feasible for 99% of people born into a first world country.
  18. You're being biased. Because of less media coverage in the past aswell as suicide and depression being seen as a weakness or even demonic possession, you're led to believe it wasnt common in the past. You're wrong, though.

    Not saying our modern inventions arent a part of the reason for people committing suicide but they can't take the full blame.
  19. Good points on both ends! I think depression has always been around, but people just didn’t have time to think about it back then, ya know? They were doing activities to keep them busy and just never had time to think about things like that really. Imo
  20. Thank you for your out reach.