Suicide Awareness.

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  1. Just like someone said. The pain doesn't go away it just goes to others. And I'm sorry about your brother.
  2. Respect!!! It takes a lot to own upto to your problems
    I have witnessed a few people who have contemplated ending all and the aftermath of there decision
  3. Huge support for this post!
  4. if people want to die they should just go on a spree eventually they will get killed
  5. It's not that you have a lack of sensitivity. You have the lack of a brain. How moronic, selfish, and entitled you sound. Your use of childish "lol's" tells me you're suffering from some kind of mild autism. The way you talk makes me assume you're a reject. A burden, on people in your life. You're a pathetic human being, and honestly for someone like you... I wish the absolute worse for in life. Just wish I was there to deliver you some broken knee caps and curb stomp your mouth on a sidewalk.
  6. Some commit suicide for foolish reasons as others over the years come to the conclusion life is better dead some want self pity (which isn't a big thing I like) and other have such screwed up lives/minds such as abusive family's or war/tortured trauma something I feel the usa does lack is perspective to the real victims such as a coin termed "first world problems" ppl want a feeling of control and when that is lost is when things become dangerous to ones self. We had a good few amount of refugees here and some of the story's I have hurt would break your heart such as leaving a father and brother behind bc they couldn't pay their way out of a war zone and as much as they talk about meeting them again we both know they won't and are likely dead but in their mind they have hope that's as good as dead itself.
  7. possibly the dumbest **** i've seen this year how can you be so obnoxious that you believe that? i suppose you do not know what depression is like? depression makes you feel worthless, as if you're a burden to everyone around you, and you contemplate suicide most days. every day is a bad day when you have depression, who wants to live like that? obnoxious piece of **** get outta here with your autism ass comments
  8. This is a great post. Recently had issues with my Father suffering PTSD and manic depression informing us all he had very nearly killed himself. Still has all the elements of his plan in place in fact. We are a very supportive family and having all had mental health problems in some way or amother, are very understanding; but as he says, sometimes family and friends are too close. He didn't want to burden us and let us down, and if it wasn't for talking to an anonymous source (in his case the Samaritans helpline) he wouldn't be here. I urge anyone suffering to reach out and talk to someone. If you can't talk to your family due to them being close and same with friends, I'm sure anyone here will listen. Be safe, be strong, and be alive.
  9. Guys I know what he said was really messed up but I want this thread to have nothing but love. Try to relax. I don't agree with what he said but I don't want people who want out help to think they are going to get attacked. Maybe he needs help himself but thinks that trolling others is his escape. I don't know. But he's not worth getting upset over my loves.
  10. Thank you!!