Suicide Awareness.

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  1. As you guys may know this month is suicide awareness month. If you have friends or family that are going through a hard time and talk to you about suicide or you have a bad feeling about it. Talk to them. Everyone need someone to listen sometime. If you feel like youre unable to help them give them a suicide hotline number for them to call.
    Hotline #

    Also. Fellow players, if you ever need someone to talk to; I'm here for you. No matter how big or little, Or if you think it's stupid or not. I can't judge. We aren't perfect, everyone has flaws. Just follow me and I'll do my best to help you.

    I love you allīŒ«
  2. Great job Pickle
  3. Good on you pickle, suicide is something that should be taken very seriously. Every single life has worth no matter who it is or what they have done. If you are feeling suicidal I urge you to get help, talk to somebody about it. Because you deserve more.
  4. Suicide does not take away the pain. It transfers it to someone else. Talk to someone. Stay safe please.
  5. That is very very true.
  6. Logics song is fire tbh
  7. Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems. I lost a friend last weekend to suicide and to watch what it has done to his family is absolutely heartbreaking. They loved him so much and now he's gone.

    If you're reading this and thinking about ending your life, PLEASE get help quickly! Your current situation isn't as bad as you really think it is!!!
  8. ^ It may seem like a big thing to you, but that doesn't mean you've found every method of coping with it. Don't be afraid to reach out if you feel like you might be a burden, anyone in their right mind would do anything to save a life.
  9. I wish more people saw this or at least commented to keep this alive.
  10. Be open and available when someone tells you they need to talk. When things seem hopeless, reach out to someone. Extend a hand, accept a hand. You are worth it.
  11. Exactly
  12. Even when you're at your lowest or darkest know that you're not alone. There will always be someone who will be there for you. Reach out to them or to anyone, either on here or in real life. Someone will hear your plea for help <3
  13. If life has taught me anything, it's that there is ALWAYS another way to handle something. You may not know what it is, so reach out to people, let them help you find a way
  14. My older brother committed suicide almost 3 years ago now (just realizing how long it has been). It's crazy. I was at school and got a call from my Uncle telling me this. At first I couldn't believe it. I'm not usually one to cry but boy did I that day, in front of everyone nothing could stop it. Suicide is a devastating travesty that ripples in affect. I'm not angry towards what he did, I know he was suffering and had been all his life. But I wish he would have talked to me or someone.

    The thing about it was we were never really that close. On the outside we hated each other's guts, we would fight all the time. Verbally mostly but sometimes physically. I didn't realize what I had lost until it was gone. And I get that feeling every god damn time it happens. But I just can't seem to get a grip. So if anyone wants some advice.. just keep the people you care about near. Show them you love them. Our time here is limited, and death is forever.
  15. I'm sorry about your brother.
  16. There's always another way.
  17. In a depressed person's mind it's not easy to just confide in another person. Plenty of suicidal people want to tell someone, but then they're mind says, "Your friends and family have their own problems, why would they want to hear about yours? How stupid, they wouldn't care about you either way. Just don't tell them, let everything you feel just fester and rot." The ones that have asked for help in the past are trained to stop asking the second someone freaks out and the suicidal person ends up hospitalized, with no right to privacy, women are denied things as basic as pads and tampons, they are exposed to people that have violent, abusive tendencies that they aren't afraid to use on someone that's merely suicidal. I say this from experience. I've been suicidal for the past 11 years. I asked for help, and all help did was make it worse, and make me feel like I had no problems at all compared to the people I was exposed to. And even more than that, I was told I have no rights, and that I just have to deal with it. The system teaches people to pretend. Pretend they're happy. Don't tell anyone or they'll punish and mock and laugh and abuse you.

    So, people need to learn to accept that their family member or friend is telling them about their experience, looking, hoping, desperately to find someone that can help them without overreacting. They went to you for help after all. They wanted you to listen. They wanted your support. But instead they were discarded as insane, as a threat, when the reason they went to you was to avoid becoming a threat to themselves or others. So please, take them seriously, check in with them if you haven't heard anything in a while. And above all, try to be understanding, without shoving them somewhere that will just cause further trauma. Be kind. Be sympathetic. Have empathy. Allow then an unjudgmental ear. Be their friend, and try to guide them as much as you can. And above all, don't expect recovery overnight. Many people go their entire lives depressed. Many people do experience near constant suicidal feelings. Many people do not get better. But there is always something that someone will want to live for. Help them find that thing.

    For me, it's my partner. It's the people at work that rely on me to be around everyday. It's my family that, as much as I struggle to believe it, would be devastated if I were gone. It's the few friends I have, that I know actually care. It's the people that come to me, seeking spiritual advice, or want my paranormal team to come in and take a look around. It's the people that come to our presentations, that look to me as an expert, even when I feel I'm below them and know absolutely nothing.

    I'm sorry this is depressing, but I feel I need to write it anyway. Find something that gives you hope and stick with it. You may even surprise yourself.
  18. My older brother committed suicide. It's beyond devastating. You replay every conversation, every look, every moment. In the days that followed, the only peace there was for me, was the first few moments after I woke up. Until I remembered what my new reality was. Every room I went in had him in it. His toothbrush in the bathroom. His dirty clothes in the laundry. His songs on the radio. I went over every word we ever spoke for signs. I see the signs now. Back then, they were subtle.

    If you drop a pebble in water, there is a ripple effect. It's the same with suicide. It affects every person who knew you, and it never goes away.
  19. thank you all

  20. If you ever need someone to talk about you can always talk to me. I try not to give advice because most times it doesn't help. But I'm a great listener.