Suggestions? Proximity Alert tracker but no smart phones

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  1. Hi!

    I figure there are a lot of smart folks here so thought I'd ask..

    What I am looking for is something I can buy where there are two devices (No smartphones)..

    Basically you put this one tracker little device attached to your keys (device A) and the other to a bracelet that you always wear (device B)

    So you're travelling and you leave your keys at a restaurant and when you walk out, the device B on your bracelet beeps.

    I am even ok with if the devices "ping" each other every day 5 min and get a beep after 5 min..

    The point is, especially when you are travelling and moving from places to places a lot, you just want to be warned if you left things behind in a short time/distance from when you left it.. I am not looking to "Find" things..

    So all these Tiles and TrackR and PebbleBees and Proximo Trackers seem to be tag to phone (and phone to tag)..

    Am I explaining it right? I will make sure I wear the bracelet.. I just want the device on bracelet to beep if the device on the keychain or wallet gets too far (or can't ping ) from the device on the bracelet..

    Help Pwlease!

  2. Cease and desist, I just patented this last week, see you in court
  3. I would like one for my phone. Forgetting my phone is wayyyyyy more serious then forgetting my keys.

  4. As a very white man that owns a very white Apple Watch, It's hard to believe apple hasn't done something similar yet.
  5. Man up! and just start carrying everything in a fanny pack. Dude.
  6. But I love my purse.. I mean.. I mean.. my car keys
  7. A couple of people suggested me that the smart watches will do the ringing if the Bluetooth tag (like tile and trackR) that is attached to your keys are out of proximity..

    I just prefer a simple bracelet with a tag that beeps (some places I go, I don't want to 1)get mugged for my shiny iPhone watch or 2)appear too blingy .. and hence got beat up.. and get your shiny iPhone watch taken away..

    *If you want to imagine me, I'm like DiCaprio in Body of Lies.. :roll:
  8. Heh
  9. It's called "Tile"