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Discussion in 'Wars' started by Charming_Charm_Farm, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. I am suggesting some changes to be made for wars.

    First, balance in payout. If a tiny stacked account can hit a larger account and make 1b per hit, that same larger account should be able to make the same off the smaller account. Due to level of strength from charms/bfa/bfe you need someone of equal or greater strength to be able to hit that account/and be successful. If not then its like putting a lb account at the bottom of a roster and have them pay next to nothing.

    Second, a voting system within clan wars. A voting system where the whole team must vote on weither someone should get a shattered sword rather then reporting it to the devs who... Dont care because a player logged in last second and was able to scout a few times to avoid getting a shattered sword when they deserve one. This would help have less inactives and less people just getting their 60 actions at beginning and going to sleep after, basically screwing the other people who signed up who actually wanted to war.
  2. Step in line behind the other 1k threads that want the devs to fix something
  3. Whats wrong with this game
  4. Lmao. Everything Nat.

    Haphazard Charming all 
  5. War would be much better if there were no ffa clans op your asking for a better war set up but yet your just a ffa nub:p
  6. War way better without lowland wars. #removelowlandwar
    Make lowland war slot to indi advance ko
  7. So pay to win players like you can win more wars? No thanks. LL is the only wars with skill required, indi just needs a credit card.

    As for players voting for swords, i think clans/friends would abuse that system unfortunately
  8. I hate to be that person but during the course of my prolonged absence i was unable to keep up with the changes to LL wars, have the mechs changed much? Is it still Ps1>Atk>hyb>Ps1 circle?
  9. Basically. But nobody wars ps1 rosters anymore, 80% ffa and 20% hyb/tanks sadly
  10. I did the same and it has caused some problems. With charms, new equipment and inflation price of allies, I’m not sure how I can possibly catch up to be effective in war. It’d be helpful if someone could create or update the EE war forum.
  11. Lowland + highland would allow much more variety... Estoc wars gained its most popularity when there was only lowland and highlands. Lowland alone is so boring, its hard to find 15 people to cast.