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  1. That's why we need you matty!
  2. Let's keep this thread on topic please and stop the derailment. It's a recruitment thread, you want to bash then create your own thread.

    Great job on the thread Ret, looks good! 
  3. Thanks buddy :)
  4. Come on and stop by join the family great clan we r fun cc amazing people lots of help i have grown so much in this clan they protect u they keep drama out and just have fun and enjoy the clan I love it here and will never leave
  5. Nice thread ret!! I'm hungry now lol the clan really is an amazing clan really active cc people that know what there doing have a question dnt be afraid to ask they always help there family out come and join the family or atleast come visit there always looking for new family to join the family thank you guys for helping me out so much glad I joined and became part of the family
  6. I support this but my name is not GOBRIC its GODRIC lol
  7. Whatever you say Gobric :)
  8. Probably the best clan I've been in, active cc and there is always someone there to help you. Great place to grow fast and knowledgeable
  9. Why do about 50% of replies on this thread come from people with less than 10 posts?
  10. Gotta start somewhere. Threads aren't reserved for those of us with high post counts.

    I'll swing by when I can and check the place out.
  11. Do you remember, statless alt, did not read 

    On the other hand, nice thread and great pics, hope ye do well
  12. Yb is here

    Yb is here
  13. Guess we forgot that one lol

    Thanks buddy, much appreciated!
  14. the clan more better once the founder left. The founder is Successful a runner and coward. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  15. But good jobs in the clan, but dont expect it to pvp or osw clan they dont back up much.
  16. What the ....
  17. This is a great clan! They have given me a lot of good advice since i came here. CC can be a riot and hard to keep up with at times. If you are looking for a home, look no further!
  18. Great clan recruitment thread ;)