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  1. [title=orange+white]WARNING![/title]
    [title=orange+white]This recruitment thread will make you take a quizz[/title]

    Do you remember those recruiting threads where they suck you in with cute 8 bit pixel animations?... so 2009!

    Do you remember those meatshield recruitment threads where you joined for free HTE and got stripped the next day?... sucka!!

    Do you remember those clan ads where if ur not BC, you're not welcomed?... Bourgeois pigs!!

    Do you remember those clan ads that Ashes wrote promising scantily clad babes and bacon?

    *Sample clan ad promising scantily clad babes and bacon

    No?.. Neither do we!

    Cos this is 2017!.. we don't promise unicorn RP and overnight BC.. we don't promise free beer and bacon..

    Hell we won't even let you in if you don't pass this Kaw quizz..

    Take it if you dare!

    Question 1

    If you are a Hybrid build attacking an attack build that has less than 20% spies but more than 20% troops and no gold out, you get..

    A. Dtw
    B. Dtw (but only cos your picking on a target out of ur CS range)
    C. Can't attack, only steals
    D. I am a peaceful person, I abhor violence

    Question 2

    If a ZTA train ran by Vixy is travelling out of Osmon Rai at 100mph and a HTE train ran by Lady Ash is travelling towards Osmon Rai at 120mph.. you..

    A. Join to become BC
    B. Join to become meatshield
    C. What's a train?
    D. I am a peaceful person, I abhor violence

    Question 3

    If I was asked to test the 3% on FoD, I...

    A. Get freaked out, blame the internet service provider and let it fail
    B. Get stuck on God mode with uneven bars, get freaked out, blame wifi and let it fail
    C. Test till the forest turn into leaves
    D. I am a peaceful person, I abhor violence

    Final Question

    This is a test of superior recognition capabilities to spot spies, alts, banks and easy targets who will rage quit in war..
    In the pic below, I spot

    A. A Santa Clause rubber ducky
    B. A Reindeer rubber ducky
    C. A Snowman rubber goosey
    D. Pringles potato chip scented candles!

    So.. did you truthfully answer?.. were your answers all C?... good good..

    Now gitoutta'ere!.. none of the answers are correct!

    But you know that don't you.. that's why we want YOU to join us!


    E.S.T 7/31/17

    We all started at the bottom together and have fought our way to the top together.

    WE are SUCCESSFUL because we are a family and we work together! Rank is used to keep order but we are all equal and treat each other with respect.

    We protect our own

    Warlord: ROBERTSOUL

    War Chief. lazo.pekka. gob.

    Council: ROB. RET. PEKKA. LAZO. GOB.

    Welcome to SUCCESSFUL!! While you are here you will be treated like family. If you want to join our family as a PERM talk to council or an active admin.

    We have a sub clan -successful- to help with a growth path

    we also run a good 4 eb rotation during events with premium eb's thrown in

    Join us! or come by for a visit. We love the social clan fun and will treat you as family.

    Now to repel the trolls that are about to post.. we shall put on the anti-troll spray on this thread!

  2. Special thanks to AshesofEden.

    Come by and try Robs secret sauce. You get 3 tries to guess the secret ingredient but I betcha you'll only need 1!
  3. I wanna be a perm. When you run the premium ebs..

  4. C
    DD (If you know what I mean)
  5. Explain
  6. Uhh potato
  7. is rp allowed
  8. legend :lol:
  9. Now I want a cheeseburger and a hamburger.Thanks
  10. Hey guys, Successful is a great clan and we are a family. I'm sure you hear that all the time but we truly watch each other's backs like a TRUE family. CC is active and fun :)
    I like the page! Keep up the good work Ret!
  11. Good luck! I might come visit sometime.
  12. Drop by anytime Snoopdawg...thanks for the well wishes.
  13. The clan that lets any old stray dogs on even after they have been proved to be liars
  14. Come out of pin Lexy.

    Protip: SDP are your friends :)
  15. Already busy hitting someone to waste my time on you thanks
  16. And as for lazo and eeve they are made for each other and their day will come and anyone reading eevee will use you to get what he wants till lazo takes him back
  17. Please stay on topic or leave the thread. Thank you$
  18. It's a forum post so i can post and say what i like thanks
  19. It's called topic for a reason.Want to post or say what you want?Make your own post and say it there.This has a specific topic
  20. Nice post.dont know if i would get any questions right