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  1. Why drgn is the cutest mod

    1. Because he is the best mod in the world
    2. Because he helps people all the tim
    3. He treats people like they are princes
    4. He is the strongest of all the mods
    5. He can be firm when he needs to be
    6. Ahahahahhahahababbababababhabahahababbabababababbahababababbabababababavbabahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahah
    7. Didn't make fun of LadyTyphoid's asthma

    Why saltyfeet isn't cute
    1. Thinks drgn isn't cute :evil:

    Please bear with me or should I say pls DRGN with me :lol: :lol: :lol: :cry:
  2. vampys gonna 1v1 u for this
  3. bro thats kinda cringe bro
  4. day 2 of my campaign to get drgn to know that he is a really cute mod

    Drgn has deleted my wall post saying "o3o". I have determined that today is a loss.

    I will continue to update this shortly
  5. pls do keep us informed
  6. im more invested than i expected
  7. 1.- hes not. He nos the rules only when convinient to him
    2.- ibe asked for help and he neber help
    3.- he rude. Howeber hes not treated me like princes. I don swing that way and i olso daut he likes that either
    4.- hes not. His build is trash. He olso a noob
    5.- hes heaby handed when it serbes his purposes.
    6.- we lost kasama to grug. Rip.
  8. ur wrong an u know it

    drgn is the cutest mod
  9. Support
  10. instead of arkosa, can we have snoop dogg?

  11. dRgN is the coolest mod because he wasnt mean to me about my asthma.
  12. ^drgn isn't jus cool, he is really cute :mrgreen: