Stronghold Siege (PvP Event) ***updated date

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Winston, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Go green!
    Something for clan loyalty next pls.
  2. I have actually enjoyed this event. I have been Mass Slaughtered by green mostly. It's like the old Kaw PVP system came back.

    My issue with this event was Greens was too quick to figure it out. I have no idea of the actual matching stastics.

    How ever in futute it would be awesome if all one team got placed in a clan with unlimited slots for PVP events. When a team wins they get to keep the clan with 125 slots and a free Name.

    Lets enjoy this game, if someone is stronger there are plenty more targets.
  3. The rewards of the Hoarfrost War event were increased because the duration of the event was increased

  4. Support
  6. Worse idea so far. I wouldn’t want to leave my clan for an event.

    And Foxes and iG should remain the only clans with their extra slots. It is the only standing historical aspect of KaW that is left. Even if iG changed the name.
  7. While I do understand that it would be fun to have 3 giant clans, I think there are quite a few reason to not go that route:
    1) People generally don't like leaving their home clans
    2) It would be really challenging for someone to run a clan with thousands of players
    3) How would we determine who was to run the clan?
    4) Imagine how fast EBs would go with that many players...
    5) Clan chat isn't considered a public channel, so players could very easily disrupt and harass others in such a channel

    The only real benefits I see are:
    1) Easier to communicate/coordinate with team
    2) Easier to track who is on what team
  8. So don’t make it mandatory to join the teams clan, just make it optional. Have it run by a moderator?
  9. I think it'd be fun to see a percent breakdown of how many greens, blues, and reds were in top 10, 50, and 100 :) greens clearly beat the rest of us out, but I'm curious as to the distribution of top ring earners in each tier.
  10. Ty for awnsering winston :) keep up the good work
  11. Support. I'd also like to see those stats.
  12. You could have the people who ran the last 3 clans run it or a moderator in each clan who'll be active.
  13. Great event. Couple tweaks and it will be perfect and fun!

    What was super cool about it :

    - It didn’t matter what size of player you were - lb’s didn’t necessarily dominate... activity did.

    - Was neat playing and strategizing with all size players and different people then I normally would have.

    What I didn’t like about it :

    - it was necessary to be outside of home clan too much which I didn’t like.... for communication and quick rotwb. Maybe incorporate a team chat? So ... like how gaw used to be... there wasn’t an ally chat - there could be an event team chat? Not sure. And make the bigger epics drop more materials.

    4 - 7 days for these kind of events tops.
  14. I feel the same about all of this and am especially trying to find some chat solutions as communication is really important for this event

  15. Just replace ally chat for however long the event runs and then bring it back after, or create a 4th chat window for the team chat
  16. I didn't receive the green charm for being green :eek:
  17. What charm, I never saw a charm
  18. Still waiting for team rewards
  19. Can we please take away the mechanic that forces us to hit an EB so that we can hit a player?

    Like I get hitting the eb to get drops to hit the tower. Not the player.

    Also, I think if you only have 3 teams, you should have 3 towers. But I feel four teams and 4 towers may help a lot better.

    It will also make an event chat more manageable.

    Though I like the idea of making a completely new PvP event that is clan centric. Like your clan joins it and they get PvP rewards for hitting other players in another clan.

    So OSW but we get rewards for number of actions. :p
  20. i don't think k got any reward other than the green charm thingy, Did we still not get reward, did rewards chsnge to just that, or did i just not notice i go them?