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  1. 90%of the people that were asking for it to be shorter? I’m confused...

  3. The vast majority of players ive spoken to regarding sovereign chest drops specifically have received either a minimal amount of aqua/inferno or mith. At my size 10T would cost me roughly $50 in nobs.

    Cheers on shortening. Great event but life and all that it entails makes it difficult to fully invest in an all out pvp event that is two weeks long. Losing sucks, it happens to all of us but the event has definitely generated a notable increase in activity.
  4. Why is it, that of all the Critiques, suggestions, comments, and complaints, You comment on the one off topic comment.

    It shows that you just don’t care anymore and have already started to put this entire event out of your memory.

    The sad thing is, just because this event failed, you won’t even attempt another PvP one.

    Main problems were length, you addressed but applied it to this one instead of the next one. That was the mistake.

    That the balance arithmetic was horrible and that it was wrong that one banner got to start the game with two castles. (No comments where thrown at that from you.)

    And the fact that it sucks to have to hit an eb so that I can farm someone. You out right ignored that one. Like horribly ignored it.

    Smh. Get ready folks for another year of tapping repeat on these dumb EBs.
  5. Hope we getting comp for early ending pvp.
  6. Just because he didnt directly respond to those criticisms doesnt mean he didnt see them and take them into consideration. He also already stated that there will be another event like this after he fixes some things that we mentioned.

    Pls go find a new place to rant. All of your posts are just complaints 
  7. Really though they shouldn’t have made the change in the middle of the event, again
  8. By now devs should be able to learn from their past mistakes and lunch new event better. We just had the winter war screw up by devs. Now they screw this up big time by not monitoring properly the casters activity. There is far bigger issue in the game that until now they continue ignoring. It’s been going on indi, LL and KA wars. Some players have the capability of hitting faster than normal. I know some have the latest gaming pc that are very fast. I just don’t think even how fast your gaming pc should be able to hit 7X to 10X a second. If they only monitor this players iP. They can figure that some players able to hit 3 or more accounts at that speed. Every time I send to support this issue they always give me the same respond. It’s their system is slow. That’s why showing on my newsfeed that someone hitting this speed. I know their excuse is not true. When before I can blink my bar is gone in war means the speed of incoming is crazy fast. I wish they should just remove this out of TOU. So players who are following the rules have a change to play dirty too. Then again if you are a player not associated with big alliances and cheat. You will be punish real quick. ATA old mentality which destroy most of their game by factoring big allliances to attract big spenders they can control. They did it in GAW and other games.
  9. Says 7d on event again
  15. Not anymore tho
  16. Fixed, apologies
  17. Just because I addressed it to this one, doesn't mean I won't address it to future ones.

    No team started with any strongholds, but green was able to capture a few really quickly, likely someone lucky finished an EB near the time the event started and got materials. I already have a fix in mind for this in a future event.

    I'm still looking at ways to improve the EB portion of the event.
  18. @Winston

    Maybe they should fight on the 2nd week... slackers... or are you going to halve the rewards as well?

    Having spent 3 weeks! (not the normal 2) grinding the scheduled wars to get top 50 applying logic the rewards should be doubled? trebled? to match the pvp 'rewards vs duration' yes??

    3 weeks effort vs 1 week effort
  19. @Winston

    Please create clans for each teams from next event onwards so tht the players wont be able to leave clans till the event is over like in asw and please make every eb same drops so tht the rich team doesnt always win it. This will make most active clans to get in top. Pvp event drops should be same for all ebs . Also please make sure you give atleast one day prior notice before pvp events like this .Ty
  20. Nice pvp event, devs. Glad it’s been shortened. Two weeks of stronghold tapping and farming ppl not in my osw, would have been too long.
    Those that are crying like babies over this, need to re-evaluate how much free time they have and how they spend their time on KAW as they’re clearly too bored and have too much time on their hands.