stripping soon to come

Discussion in 'Wars' started by RoYaLNaVy, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Hey y'all it's Royalnavy, formerly known as -royalnavy-

    I am planning a strip in the following day or two, and I need people to help me out. It's going to be on number 167 on the ally Lb (I don't want to reveal his name) and the time it will take place is yet to be announced. Just post here if you can contribute your troops/how many unloads.

    Funds will not be required, as I will be taking care of that :).
  2. So you plan to strip highwl? You realize we can just go check who ally lb 167 is, right?
  4. How u just gonna ruin it for everyone there revealing his name
  5. Please be a joke lmao
  6. Grave how many unloads can you contribute?
  7. How much he got you reckon?
  8. .05 Q
  9. Top discreet planning . Im sure target will be completely unaware of whats about not to happen .
  10. Seems legit
  11. Lmao. He can just hide all his allies now he's seen this 
  12. Hahaha he doesn't bother with forums. Strip is still on!
  14. 'geez' the quality of threads these days wheres Eagle when you need him!!
  15. This is hilarious
  16. Can you fail strip me instead thx
  17. Time and place

  18. You always talking trash boy