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  1. Blazey and Elvis so mean
  2. sure! i hope same happens to you!
    but atm you kidding kawmunity :)
  3. Now I know some will say I'm not impartial here.
    But regardless.

    First the strip and fury. Or whoever did it. Nice strip I assume. During pvp event it's going to sting.
    But then don't they all.

    Turok. First. Glad you feel liberated. Naked on kaw is more fun especially when your size.

    But the whole going after someone for a year and a half old dispute.

    Let's be honest. That's not your finest moment.
    First if I held a grudge that long ( and I do ), I sure as hell wouldn't announce I was about to strip someone just before doing it after so long.

    That totally ruins the effect of the strip and the victory.
    Instead you have ( and I'm not being rude, just honest ) made yourself look a little foolish.

    Strip threads like this are
    1 exactly what those who stripped you want.
    Noob tears and all that.

    2 swearing revenge on someone that had nothing to do with it. That's just sad.

    Payback may be a b. But not when you target the wrong people.

    You need to chill, plan how to play your game from here on in a way that's mentally healthy for you.
    And from the rants on this thread. Currently it's not.
    And the waster bunny doesn't play anymore.
    Sorry made them quit years ago. My bad.
  4. Shots have been fired...these are some heavy accusations
  5. I support you TuRock. Best of luck.
  6. Strips are part of the game there is no sense to making an entire thread for one! Buck up and strip back if they upset you!
  7. I think you all need to get out a bit more.
  8. Strips are not always personal. Some people just play kaw for wars and farming. Turock, for your own good, do not take game so seriously. I know it's an overused phrase, but it seems to me you should actually consider it closely. Just saying.

    I'm lb and have good bfa right now but I don't expect it to last lol as a matter of fact this is the longest I've been able to hold bfa and I've been lb before. It is what it is and that's my fun. Maybe now that your bfa is gone you will understand what I mean. Now back to trolling?
  9. Course not. Was just a general comment
  10. How can Iana be all those accounts.
  11. Easter bunnies..
  12. kidding kawmunity again!:):)

    By the strip at me you have betrayedyour own dignity and pride.
    You still assert that you were not. Although I have proved everything. You do not even have the courage to admit the strip.With the senseless strip to me you sold your soul. I see many members in your clan, who like me was wrong. N33za, sissygirl aka Teja and others. What did you tell them? "TuRock deserved it, you do not!"?
    Shame on you.
  13. It was me
  14. Wait what I do again
  15. I find other fairies a lot more deserving 
  16. Cg's one of those ya can't please. Not even with chocolate
  17. You're cracked mate. Tell us what ya really think
  18. Wait. So we weren't playing strip poker?

    In the case that we are, Tu you must be awful at cards to the point that you're one fabric from complete nakey o_O