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  3. Are u publicly accusing me of account sharing?
  4. What is account sharing and can i parallel park it?
  5. do not change the subject. Fact is you and fury member stripped. What are you afraid of? You are so powerful! And the one who helped you is even more powerful than you. You would not have listened to him. Or are you? overpowered beard :) simply say: "Yes we have helped beard to stripped you without reason"
  6. Speaking of being afraid..I find it interesting that op didn't go after Annabelle while he had bfa..
  7. First u accuse me of stripping u, then u accuse me of account sharing, with a Santa Claus and Easter bunny mind u!!..tsk tsk what's next?
  8. Am I the only one who doesn't know who Annabelle is or how he/she fits into this?
  9. She doesn't lol just some old drama llama stuff it seems
  10. So where does beard fit in lol???
  11. Trying to figure that out too... Wasn't us.
  12. Give them chocolate they'll be happy lol.
  13. Tbh..Depends on the day of the month. Sometimes chocolate just doesn't do it
  14. I am the Easter bunny
  15. He isn't lying, I've seen his pink ears
  16. 1. lIl-X-lIBIlElIAIlRlIDIl-X-lIl new owner Blazey (Fury)
    2. Uholla new owner IlllITHEIIlREALlllELVISlIIl (Fury)
    3. Gerald_ new owner lIl-X-lIBIlElIAIlRlIDIl-X-lIl
    4. IIlIlIl_Vendett4_IlIllll he dont tell who is new owner

    If it was not a stripe of you, please tell me why MY alys are yours now? I have no reason to lie. You lie to me and the whole kawmunity. To be shameful!!
    I have also posted in a linegroub ss of the last actions of Blazey.
  17. Ho ho ho. Heard someone's been naughty. Guess turock woke up to coal.
  18. So allies not for sale?
  19. someone transfer gold over to me via volleying :) ty