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  1. Lol, sure thing buddy
  2. say wy you strip me?
  3. This is some hardcore self-destruction.
  4. :lol: :lol: pvp crying
  5. You should kiss and make up with Anna, she is actually quite easy to please! A bucket of snot and all will be forgiven :-D She also appreciates earwax jewelry <3
  6. And now you switch your original post. We are still gonna farm you. For a long time. Enjoy
  7. Why would I build towers? Not like they helped you much...
  8. I smell butthurt
  9. Good to have a reason to play further :) . Who has more to loose and really what are 1,4 qt? U can earn very good with theese promos, upgrade and butthurt ppl. Happy Kawing
  10. I'm confused who's side this post is on ?
  11. :)) what will you farm. good morning i have nothing to farm ;)
  12. Not sure if I should laugh at your response or feel sorry for you :roll:
  13. How you gonna make funds to strip Anna if your ass pinned all day. Love how you switched forum post from anna to beard, when she didn't even strip you lol. It's amazing what a lil incoming can do. Who you mad at really bruh?
  14. He's only fail scouting me with his alt Riddick.
  15. Damn, Rock. Sorry to hear. Ive never seen or ever heard you talking crazy so this is surprising.

    Keep ya head up man. Nothing here is real.
  16. Wasn't us *moonface*
  17. All women are easy to please ?
  18. sorry my bad sweety. i trust you. then the Easter Bunny use your acc n strip me n Santa Clause helpt out :)